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The Indie Maximum Exposure 100

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12: Don’t Measure Yourself Monetarily

 The key seems to be not to measure your indie music success by monetary standards and increased sales… I can’t measure mine that way at all… I don’t have anything for sale (yet)…. The key is asking yourself: How do these tools move you forward toward bigger things happening in your career?

- Jennie Walker


24: Stay In Touch With The Local Media In Your Home Town

Sandra Okamoto, a writer at local paper for 3 decades who has been following her career at Columbus Ledger Enquirer (Georgia), will write large feature article on album release and get prominent placement on cover of Sunday Lifestyle insert.

- Jennie Walker


82: Discover Overplay: UK based Indie Website

When I posted on Overplay, I got international perspective on my music, I won their Play & Rate Competition and I got offered a distribution deal for my upcoming indie release as well as a recording contract for future albums by UK based record label, Maddie Records

- Jennie Walker


83: Go To Australia: Use WhoTune

Post music on WhoTune indie band site out of Perth Australia and get to know the Managing Director, Karl George.I submitted my song “Night Flight to London” and it was featured in “You Gotta Hear” listing, rose to #1 on Top 20 song list. As a result, I was asked to create radio promo spots, participate in interview and also serve as a DJ for the station and music is now used on their Internet radio station and for promos in their business development activities.

 - Jennie Walker