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The Indie Maximum Exposure 100

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10: Have a Killer Pitch

Hone your pitch so you know how to talk to anyone at anytime about who you are and what you sound like. Use this website to help you with your pitch:

- Ariel Hyatt


12: Don’t Measure Yourself Monetarily

 The key seems to be not to measure your indie music success by monetary standards and increased sales… I can’t measure mine that way at all… I don’t have anything for sale (yet)…. The key is asking yourself: How do these tools move you forward toward bigger things happening in your career?

- Jennie Walker


15: Keep Good Company

Surround yourself both personally and professionally with people who will be straight with you. It is easy to lose the forest for the trees as an artist. You need people around you who you can trust and tell you when something you are doing isn’t working.

- Rick Goetz