10 Tools That Will Make Your Life As An Artist So Much Easier!
December 10, 2015
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Hey artist friends!

Guess what? As Bob Dylan once sang, the times they are a changin’ — and it’s all for the best. Gone are the days of booking your tours with typewriters and fax machines! There are some truly amazing tools out there in the market that you ought to be in the know about! That is if you are anything like me and are obsessed with being efficient and truly productive with your time!

Here are my favourites that I highly recommend with links and a quick overview of why I think they will help change your life for the better! I’ll keep my descriptions short and to the point so you can just get on with giving them a test whirl!


#1 – Artist Growth 

What: Artist Growth is a backend software that helps you organize all your tour info, finances,  and calendar as an artist or manager. This tool truly streamlines your life and there is a place to keep track of everything.  The app brings it to mobile seamlessly.
Why: Worry less about forgetting the millions of details you need to oversee as an artist, manager, or tour manager and put them all in an organized place. Invite your band or team in to the app and ensure everyone is on the same page. What’s not to love?
Link: https://artistgrowth.com


#2 – Trackd

What: Mobile recording studio for tracking demos. Record quick ideas direct to the phone. Share them with your bandmates and producer easily within the app! Jot down lyrics and record rough cuts quickly.
Why: Because you are still using voice notes to record your precious song ideas, and that’s just whack! Time for an upgrade! Also the Trackd community is pretty strong and you might find a new collaborator if you play your cards right!
Link:  http://trackdmusic.com/


#3 – Sparkplug

 What: A network of musicians renting gear out to each other for short term use. Like the AirBNB of music gear!
Why: Cause you broke! And you spent so much money on that gear that ends up sitting around when you’re not using it. So why not make some cash money off it?Link: https://www.sparkplug.it/


#4 – Show.co

What: Beautifully designed direct marketing tools made with artists in mind. Their tool box boasts an email for a download, or social unlocks among others. Truly useful tools that are easy to plug in to your website and social media.
Why: Because data capture is truly important and if you are going to giveaway content you should ask for something in return! And why not ask with a sleek Show.co widget? Check out Ghost’s active campaign.
Link: http://www.show.co/


#5 – MusicGlue

What: Online store platform and artist tools to help you make the most of your direct-to-fan online sales!
Why: Because we all need an online store to make money, and this one looks great and is easy to use! Sufjan Stevens, Mumford & Sons, and Enter Shikari are already onboard.
Link: https://www.musicglue.com/


#6 – PledgeMusic 

What: Direct-to-fan and pre-order platform that allows you to reward your super fans for their loyalty through exclusives and experiences!
Why: Direct-to-fan is the way of the future and bands who truly embrace it are already seeing the benefits in the form of thousands of dollars that could have been otherwise untapped in your career. PledgeMusic has created a tool that will help you identify your superfans and communicate with them directly. In the music industry today this is a powerful thing!
Link: http://www.pledgemusic.com/


#7 – Tunestars

What: A social media aggregator that helps fans follow their favourite artists across a large number of platforms in one organized feed! Comment and like in-stream without having to open 200 apps.
Why: Because this is the future of consumption! Apps like Tunestars make the fan experience concise and manageable. Sign up for your artist account and be a part of their growing community early.
Link: http://tunestars.com/


#8 – Bandsquare

What: An artist touring tool that helps you see real time data about ticket buyers, locations, and allows fans to ‘request’ tour dates in their markets so artists/managers can assess if there is an overwhelming demand in a market that is not listed on their tour dates.
Why: Data is king and Bandsquare’s dashboard provides you with oodles of it! Start mapping out smart tours!
Link: https://www.bandsquare.com/


#9 – Next Big Sound

 What: Music data analytics aggregated from all major social and streaming platforms. Next Big Sound helps you measure online impact and growth.
Why: Because like I already said – Data is king! Of course too much data could hold you back, but what’s great about Next Big Sound is they present helpful info in a clear way that you can truly implement in to helping map out your artist development, PR, marketing, and touring strategies. There is no reason to be going at it blind anymore!
Link: https://www.nextbigsound.com/


#10 – Wix Music

 What: A tool that lets you build fun and engaging artist websites really quickly and most importantly, cheaply!
Why: Cause your website had better be slick!
Link: http://www.wix.com/music/website

Have fun with these and thanks for reading!

– Sari

Sari Delmar is the Founder and CEO of AB Co., a North American digital, lifestyle, and communications agency that specializes in music programs and events. Sari has spoken at international conferences (Big Sound, Canadian Music Week), sits on the Toronto Music Advisory Council and the Women in Music Canada board, and was profiled in the Globe and Mail Small business column (“from Music Fan to Music mogul”) in 2014. In 2015, Sari was awarded with an International Women Achievers’ Award in the Entertainment category and named as a Rising Star in ProfitGuide and Chatelaine’s Top 100 Canadian Female Entrepreneurs list. Learn more about the work AB does at: http://WeAreAB.co.

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