4 Easy Transportation Methods For Your Band’s Next Tour
June 5, 2018
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One thing that you may fail to consider as you start booking gigs for your band is how you are going to get to all of your gigs. If you have only small instruments, it may be easy to pile everyone into a sedan and pop guitars in the trunk. However, most bands have larger equipment, including microphones, speakers, cables and other items that can take up quite a bit of room. Here are four other options that can help you get from your home or practice space to a gig whether it is just across town or across the country.

Try a Van

If you and your bandmates can chip in and buy your own form of transportation, you will not have to go through the stress of depending on someone else’s services before each performance. A conversion van is ideal because you can often make changes to the interior to best fit your space and seating needs. Keep in mind that you will also need to set aside some money regularly to pay for insurance, fuel and maintenance.

Tow a Trailer

If you already own an SUV or truck or even a moderate-sized sedan, you may be able to purchase an enclosed trailer to hold your equipment. This option is best for bands that do not operate out of densely populated areas where parking spaces are at a premium. Be sure that you have a way to hold your equipment in place in the trailer while you are driving so that nothing falls or breaks.

Add a Roof Rack

If you have only a small amount of equipment but need just a little more space than you already have in your current vehicle, you may be able to find the space you need with a roof rack alone. Opt for a non-rigid car topper that will make it easier to fit oddly shaped equipment into it. When you are not using it, it will take up very little space in your vehicle.

Transport Via Freight

For long trips, you may want to let someone else transport your equipment in used freightliner trucks for deliveries. This can free you and your bandmates up to travel in a fuel-efficient sedan and meet your equipment once you get to your destination. Make sure that you only choose reliable companies.

The method you use to transport your band members and your equipment sets the tone for your entire performance. When everyone is stressed, your performance will not be as good as it could be. However, by nailing down your transportation in advance of your next gig, you can relax on your way to your performance and focus on what really matters for your group.

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