4 Ways To Make Your Next Rock Concert Legit
August 25, 2016
Rachelle Wilber in Live, Live Music, Music, concerts, shows

Few people can disclose that they have never been to a concert and if they can, one of their top wishes is to attend one. From the heart-throbbing sound to the exhilaration goer’s experience, rock concerts are said to be the time of anyone’s lives. Though most believe that there are expectations when going to a concert, the best actions anyone can take is to keep it simple, relaxed, and to have a good time. Making your next rock concert legit is far easier than you think.

Drink in Moderation

Too often, people make the mistake of chugging back drinks before and during the show, not realizing that this is detracting from the entire experience. One or two drinks are great to unwind and put yourself into concert mode, but it is crucial to refrain from getting intoxicated in order to appreciate the show in its entirety and to remember it. Of course and contrary to popular belief, other people do not appreciate that rowdy attendee either.

Transportation to and From the Venue

Even if you do not plan on drinking, it is still a great idea to commute to and from the venue in a taxi. Some companies, like Yellow Cab, know that parking garages after shows are absolute nightmares and that their fares can be expensive. Taking a taxi cannot only get you to the show and home faster but can reduce the worry of your car getting damaged in the crowded lot.

Live a Little and Dance a Lot

Being around thousands of strangers is unsettling to the average person, but letting the music take you away is of the utmost importance. Do not be afraid to dance, bob your head, swing your hips, or even join a mosh pit. Later on, you will be thankful and on cloud nine as you rejoice in the experience you just had.

Ditch Your Phone

A few pictures before the show starts to capture that you were actually at the show is okay, but recording the show in its entirety detracts from your experience. You might think you are watching the show and enjoying the music, but you are enjoying your screen, a factor that will be disappointing to you later on and fairly irritating for anyone sitting near you.

Decisively, there is so much more to a concert than drinking and partying. Simply showing up to the show is often the best process to take, and travelling in style by taking a taxi can save you a lot of time and patience.

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