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5 Reasons To Attend Cedarsong Songwriting Retreat: South Of Nashville

CedarSong Songwriting retreat is a unique experience of likeminded individuals looking to brush up on skills and be inspired to write the next hit song. August 15 - 19 at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.

Seasoned writers and beginners alike will gain the skills to take their writing to the next level with internationally acclaimed songwriters Suzahn Fiering and Victoria Banks among a community of creative artists.

Look you’ve read THIS Far why stop:

Here are your 5 reasons to attend Cedarsong Songwriting Retreat this August: 

1. You get 7 courses to participate in during this retreat: Crafting the unforgettable song, Lyric writing, Art of co-writing, peformance technique, promoting your new song, getting the gig and vocal performance

2. All your meals are included from Farm to Table Caterer from

3. You’re in the woods at the beatufiul Cedar of Lebanon State Park about 20 mins south of Nashville. Plenty of hiking, swimming and fun stuff to do to inspire to write that next hit song

4. Room and board, plus free parking onsite included as well. Nice. 

5. Plus, networking opportunities with both skilled and beginner song writers, lifetime of friendships and maybe spend an extra day or two in Nashville.

Need more than 5 reasons why to go - fine just click here:

Registration fee’s go up on May 15 so makesure to register today!

From your friend: Stefanie @ Cedarsong Songwriting Retreats



5 Reasons To Attend Cedarsong Songwriting Retreat: South Of Nashville

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