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Spotify: Friend or Foe?

Since the beginning of its time, Spotify has always been a controversial streaming service. Ek and his team have told the music industry that his streaming service would make up for dwindling sales and help off center the effects of piracy. The truth is, Ek’s business model and background are questionable. Ek was once the CEO of uTorrent, the company that helped support and aide pirates in their piracy quest. It seems as though Spotify is Ek’s legal way to steal and under value artists and musicians. Spotify and other streaming services have devalued music and left users at the freemium membership. I truly believe these services are trying to be the life support of the music industry. They first came in to the picture with their freemium memberships, which they told everyone including other music industry professionals that users would graduate to the premium service. When we know in their minds that they don’t give a shit if anyone steps up their membership. Their goal is to devalue music and make their services accessible from anywhere and everywhere. We are able to access WIFI just about everywhere, which has allowed Spotify to have the upper hand. If you don’t believe me, this week alone Spotify partnered with Uber. Uber users who have a Spotify account can access their Spotify playing list.

Spotify’s next step is to devalue music to the point where consumers are no longer buying music due to the over saturation of free on demand streaming. For example, iTunes had so much power and made the calls for the music industry. Now iTunes sales have dropped down 15% to 20% this year alone. Don’t get me wrong, iTunes is still a powerful outlet for music, but the only outlet left standing will be the free music streaming service, Spotify. This will leave little revenue for the artists and a lot of revenue for Spotify. Spotify kills the competition, almost the same way that Walmart has taken over one market at a time.


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How to Get Best Quality Voice Over Recording?

When creating a voice over recording the end result or the final product that we get is the voice itself and nothing else to hide flaws. At certain times, voice overs are being accompanied by the background music just as in the podcast intros as well as outros or while narrating short videos. But for the majority of the parts, a voice over recording just means the voice. As a result, in this case it could be said that the better the sound quality, the more professional and clear the end-result will be.  


There are people who are not able to afford expensive gears and instruments for the voice over recordings. So, in order to get a good quality voice over without having expensive gears and instruments, here are presented some of the important tips by voice over Dubai at Soundsnack to get the best quality voice over recording. Let us have a look over that: 


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Keep Your Life in Order While on Tour

Traveling from one city to the next like a kid on the playground monkey bars, there isn't time to get much else done but your performances when you're on tour. Since life doesn't stop back home when you're on the road, here are four helpful tools to automate your responsibilities so you can focus on the music.


Space is limited when you're on tour, both on the bus and in your laptop. Your recording files, performance videos and photos can take up a lot of bandwidth, which is why a cloud-based file-sharing app like Dropbox is essential. Link up to your desktop computer files at home and save your largest files to the cloud so they don't slow you down. Another advantage of Dropbox is the ease of file-sharing. You and your bandmates can share new edits, videos and anything else easily without the lag time of trying to send big files via email. You can limit access to shared folders so your producers can show you their latest mixes quickly, streamlining the feedback loop immensely for production of your next album, no matter how far you are from the studio.

Price: Free for 2GB; $9.99 per month for 1TB of storage

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Why You Should Be Using Instagram as a Musician (And All Its Dirty Secrets)


3 Predictions for the Over-Hyped Music Streaming Business

Music streaming is beating out music downloads, and has made piracy a non-issue.

Companies are jumping on the streaming bandwagon ever since Nielsen's consumer research showed that 68 percent of U.S. consumers reported streaming music during 2013. The U.S. music industry then published its review, showing that streaming consumption grew 42 percent in the first six months of 2014, compared with digital albums sales which decreased over 10 percent year on year. With Generator Research stating that the current 767 million worldwide music subscribers (36 million paying) are set to explode to 1.7 billion (125 million paying) by 2017, there is potential for a $2.9 billion revenue increase in the music streaming business.

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Why You Should Be Using Instagram as a Musician (And All Its Dirty Secrets)

I have spent the last months learning the ins and outs of Instagram. I took a couple of lessons from a New York marketing firm, read endless blogs, and, through trial and error, found the right ingredients to grow my Instafanbase to just over 3,000 real followers. I have had a lot of new fans buying my music, coming to shows and sharing my music, and unlike Facebook, I have not had to pay a cent for it!


Getting Started—An Effective Profile

Here’s the first counterintuitive rule. Increasing your fan base via Instagram is 20% about having 20 to 30 great pictures and 80% searching hashtags. I will explain this further but for now, all I am saying is you don’t need to post photographs every day to grow your account. In fact, that won’t help new fans discover you at all. 

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: The Taylor Swift Factor


The Taylor Swift Factor

Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, is my jam this month. As an independent musician, studying The Swift is like a study in everything a musician can do right on a grassroots level. The weird part? She’s arguably the biggest pop star in the world at the moment, and she just sold 1.2 million albums this week…in a year when NO ONE ELSE has gone platinum. In fact, her first week sales numbers have consistently gone UP when it’s trending downward for everyone else. Let’s examine this, shall we?

Swift Factor No. 1: Be a social media phenom
Taylor has openly admitted to stalking her fans online, and they know she’s lurking. Her Tumblr is hilarious and a peek into her sense of humor. She reblogs fan posts, artwork, and the occasional embarrassing middle school photo. She’s just like us, trolling the internet late at night when we can’t sleep. On Twitter, she’s been re-blogging photos of fans with 1989 albums in hand. Most pop stars try to seem a little bit untouchable, which is a tactic that actually works sometimes (hey, Rihanna). Taylor’s approach of accessibility has made for a very loyal crowd in her demographic. The selfie is the new autograph and the re-tweet is the new high five.

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How to Legally Use Music to Enhance YouTube Videos

Quick: go to YouTube and do a search for the song “Little Red Corvette” by Prince, one of his biggest hits ever. You'll find a few results, but click to play them and all you'll get is a muted video. That's because Prince, for lack of a better term, despises the Internet and those who share his music without permission. He not only has any and all uploads of his music removed or muted by YouTube, but recently filed a lawsuit in federal court against 22 individuals for sharing bootlegged copies of his concerts.

Laws and regulations surrounding copyrighted materials changed forever when the Internet became mainstream in the late 1990s. File-sharing platforms like Napster, Limewire and Kazaa were all either ordered to shut down by federal judges or completely reconstruct their sharing models in the last decade because of copyright violations. It's important for musicians, marketers and others who use YouTube to promote a product to understand 21st century copyright laws and how it can effect them if they do not follow certain procedures.

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: 4 Tips for Creating Shareable, Watchable Video Content


Understanding and Getting the Most out of the Artist/Manager Relationship 

It is easy to forget as a busy artist or manager the large and very important differences that make artists artists and industry industry. We work together closely every day, but to truly maximize the greatness of this partnership it’s important we all keep in mind the very real differences.

Who is an Artist? 

Artists operate from a place of creativity. Great artists find what they need to do their best work and aim to spend the majority of their time creating and sharing their art with others. This beautiful vision of a life of art does not usually have a huge monetary payoff. It is pure and peaceful and has a lot to with the genuine ability to create and share something magical so that it has positive effects on those around them. Most artists start making art because of this feeling. Sometimes they need to be in a dark place in order to extract that greatness. Sometimes they need to go away for months and turn off their phones, sometimes they don’t. Whatever they do is necessary for the benefit of the art.

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Promoters Promote & Musicians Invite. 

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and remind ourselves what we want from live music. Mark Knight is the founder of Right Chord Music, a company set up to bring the discipline of brand marketing to band marketing. In this article Mark critically examines the way grassroots live music is promoted. Mark identifies the roles of the key stakeholders and suggests how they could work together more effectively in the future.

Let’s start by reminding ourselves what is important.

What musicians and managers want from live music:

  • An opportunity to grow their fanbase

  • A chance to showcase their new material

  • At atmosphere conducive to great live music; sound, lighting and staging

  • An appreciative and respective audience who want to listen to their music

  • Fair compensation for the entertainment they provide and / or opportunities to sell their music


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4 Tips for Creating Shareable, Watchable Video Content

These days on the internet, it’s all about content. Companies pay big bucks to people who craft everything from blogs to tweets and Facebook posts; forward-thinking brands even shell out thousands for Vine videos and fun Instagram photos. Having interesting, relevant, and most importantly, shareable content is key these days – the more you have, the more eyeballs go to your site, your social network profiles, and your brand. Content is the new advertising, and the world isn’t looking back.

Big brands and Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones who should play the content marketing game – anyone looking to keep an audience engaged and entertained (certainly something a band or an artist can identify with) should pay attention. Before you start spending time and money creating content, though, think about what kind you’re going to make. Are you the kind of artist that’s going to be huge on social media? Will you write blog posts? Or, will you create videos that show who you are and what you’ve got going on?

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: How To Book Your Own Gigs