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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: | The Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals For 2015


What I Learned from Writing One Song a Week

In addition to the monthly music videos that I have been releasing since June of 2013, I recently challenged myself to write a song a week for ten weeks based on the Torah portion from the Book of Genesis.

This was hard. And it took a lot of time.

And it was completely awesome. 

Here’s what I learned:

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Declaration of a New Alternative

In the digital age, in the age of social media, in an age where the music business model has virtually disappeared, the silos between eras and genres no longer exist. Commercial and non-commercial is the new paradigm. In a brief moment of inspiration I coined a new term, No Pop.

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How do Feature Placements in Stores Work?

 As a distribution company, our efforts have gone beyond just the delivery and fulfillment for record labels and artists. We’ve branched out into various other services (Publishing Administration, Neighboring Rights, etc.), but of course, being that the word “distribution” is in our DNA and literally, our company name, it’s our core business.


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The Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals For 2015

It is still the very top of a brand new year! It is an ideal time to set your goals. I see a marked difference between artists who set finite goals and those who do not. 

Ask yourself: Is this the year I want to make a difference for my musical career?  And if so – what difference and how? Then it’s time to reach into that treasure chest - your mind and formuate a KILLER PLAN for this year. 


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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: | 9 Things I Learned at YOUR MUSIC, YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR CAREER



Oh, my default self? I call her IKIA: Impatient Know-It-All. (Replace “Impatient” with “Insufferable” if you’re a Harry Potter fan. Yes, my default self is also a dork.) She has lots of evidence that supports her know-it-all-ness, like her years of touring, recording, licensing, and a $30k fan-funding story to boot. That, plus speaking at SXSW and writing a successful e-course for musicians pretty much makes it impossible for IKIA to learn anything new, let alone be a likable contender for collaboration.

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Jason’s Music Industry Predictions for 2015

- The streaming battle will continue with more artists’ pulling/banning albums and materials from services like Spotify or Pandora.

- Beats and Apple will take their place in the streaming game. Apple waited too long to get into the streaming game, they will stick to what they know best and maybe even abandon the whole streaming service. Apple’s decision to do so will surprise many, however, Apple is smart enough to know when to fold before failing. Low subscription numbers will make Apple back out of the streaming services.

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6 Phrases That Make You Sound Like a Diva

Divas. These days, that word is usually treated with disdain. We associate it with arrogance and haughtiness. We all know a few artists who have a ridiculous sense of self-entitlement. And though they might take themselves very seriously (and maybe a few of their fans too), the rest of us will laugh behind their backs.

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How To Leverage Radio/Tv Interviews And Convert Listeners Of The Show Into Fans

Many listeners of these shows basically listen to your music and then forget about it. Read this guide for free today to learn how convert those listeners into fans.

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: | Music: Art or Business? – 2 New-Old Considerations


What Made The Book of Mormon the Musical of the Year?

“The Book of Mormon” is the Tony Award-winning musical developed by the creators of the animated comedy “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with artist Robert Lopez and director Casey Nicholaw. It’s an irreverent story about two Mormon missionaries in Uganda, and it riffs on some of the most difficult issues of our day, ranging from religion to warmongering to poverty to disease. After seven years of development, this show full of satire, profanity, song and dance opened in 2011 to critical acclaim. So, what is it about this show that makes it the musical of the year?

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Artists Have No Time to Look at Selfie

“Selfie” was added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary last year. I get that this is a curiosity bestowed by one’s vanity. Just how many times people can look at themselves, and what they are thinking post-look, is what I don’t get.
“Try requesting shots of you onstage from those in the room you’re playing. Use the best for promotional pics.”

With all there is to learn, how is it possible to spend time dwelling on this past - a picture of yourself? Note: I’m not saying “no” to all selfies, but suggesting we might shake off some of this past year’s infatuation with snapping, and sharing, one more arm’s-length photo of you staring into a cellphone. There are better things to do.

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Music: Art or Business? – 2 New-Old Considerations

few hundred years ago, the purpose of music was to fill the soul. Somewhere along the way music became a business, which is not bad on the surface, but when the stakeholders on both sides of the business feel as if their voices are not being heard, then something is awry. Fans complain about repetition and formulaic music, and artists complain about the need to conform their music as well as the ‘all or nothing’ business model of success; and the music business itself… they complain plenty as well. It’s the perfect triad of finger pointing that under serves everyone.

So why are the three stakeholders in music so often dissatisfied? Having come from outside of the industry and now jumping in with both feet, let me offer some perspective for what it is worth.

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