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Nov102013 Weekly Recap: 6 Ways To Get More People To Your Shows


The Mystery of Nostalgia - Making Music Sound Better for Pretty Much Your Whole Life 

We all have those songs that make our spine tingle every time they come on. The moment they attached themselves to us like a parasite in our brains comes flooding back to us with the same effervescence as ever. Whether it is good or bad feelings it brings, the song is no longer just a song written by a band, it is a song written into your life. It is a trigger to inspire reflection and will forever hold this power over you. 

Technically nostalgia is defined as, “A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations” OR “the evocation of these feelings or tendencies.” 

But that definition doesn’t mention magic. My definition would. My definition of musical nostalgia would mention some outer-body stuff. That inexplicable moment where everything else halts and fuzzy feelings collide with a strong melody, a good friends smile, and boom — something is burned inside you forever. But there’s a reason they don’t let me define things. 

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6 Ways to Get More People to Your Shows

Do you sometimes feel that your band’s draw is languishing? Are you tired of seeing the same people at your shows and want to play to a new crowd, even in your hometown?

If you’re like most musicians, you know that you absolutely can do better, that you have more fans out there than who actually show up at at the venue, and despite always receiving positive feedback, you don’t know why more people aren’t showing up. Here are some tips on building some momentum back into your tour dates so you can increase your band’s draw:

1. Find a Different Angle for The Show: It’s easier to get more people to show up if it’s your band’s first show, when you’re releasing a new album, it’s a tour kick off, or when it’s your final gig. Obviously, it’s because your fans realize those as special occasions and want to be there.

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Nov042013 | October's Most Popular Posts takes great pride in being a renowned resource for all who comprise today’s music industry. We appreciate the conversations you start, the advice you share, the projects you promote, and the feedback you share and we want to encourage your continued efforts.

Thanks to our loyal readers and contributors, October was a great month for - so today, we’d like to share that success with you by highlighting October’s most popular posts. On behalf of, thank you for your support. We enjoy providing a unique platform where the music industry really can think out loud!

Laura Schneider, Community Manager

34,708   MTT (Journal)
4,685   MTT - 49 Ways to Get Free Music Promotion (Journal Entry)
4,606   MTT Open - 10 Awesome Independent Record Labels [LIST] (Journal Entry)
3,967   MTT - A&R Tips: The Art Of The Press Kit (Journal Entry)
3,755   MTT - Top 10 Rules For Better Songwriting (Journal Entry)

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Nov022013 Weekly Recap: Autism Speaks Through Music - David Grohl Reaches Out


5 Benefits of a Virtual Assistant - for Musicians!

You know that image we all have in our heads about personal assistants? Only celebrities are busy (and rich) enough to have someone to keep them on track and book their first-class flights. Maybe you don’t see the need for an assistant - you are determined to be the DIY musician and actually believe it’s possible . But your life is feeling unbalanced, and you are finding yourself spending more time updating Facebook than working on your next album.

Hiring a personal assistant is costly for anyone, especially a musician getting their feet off the ground, but there is an option here for you - a virtual assistant. You could still be hurting yourself professionally, financially AND personally by not hiring a virtual assistant - want to know how?

Below are 5 benefits of getting a virtual assistant of your own.

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Autism Speaks Through Music - Dave Grohl Reaches Out

On Thursday, Autism Speaks held their Third Annual Blue Jean Ball at Boulevard3 in Hollywood. The evening began with a star-studded blue carpet, including appearances from Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, J.K. Simons and Dave Grohl.

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Promotion for the Independent Musician

In a market saturated with the music of aspiring musicians and already well established acts it can be difficult for new acts to gain exposure. This begs the question, how does an artist stand out and get heard over the masses of music uploaded to the web each day? This guide was written as a follow-up of sorts to our blog “treating your band as a business” and also ties in with our online marketing crash course. The article will be split into two sections: the first pertaining to more traditional “physical” promotion techniques and the second focused on marketing your music online to listeners around the globe.

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Oct262013 Weekly Recap: Value Added Streaming


Value Added Streaming

The internet-fueled debate about the pros and cons of Spotify went another round last week, with contributions by David Byrne, Dave Allen, Jay Frank, Bob Lefsetz and Fast Company. I read them all, as I’ve done with the previous public debates about whether Spotify is a good or bad thing for musicians. As an indie record label owner and a long-time advocate for musicians through the Future of Music Coalition, I care deeply about these debates and, more importantly, about ensuring musicians and songwriters are fairly compensated for their work.

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Choosing the Right Music Producer For You

It is one of the most important decisions you will make when it’s time to master and record your music. Your producer is responsible for how your final record will sound so you need to be on the same wavelength, and be able to communicate effectively.

It is important to choose a producer who will let you create your own sound, not theirs so it is important to be confident about what you want and be clear that it is very much your music.

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Music Blogs: Cultural Voices Take On New Mediums

In the early days of the Internet, the curatorial role of music blogs was essential to the music-lover. The overwhelming mass of content online proved difficult to sift through, and the voice of music bloggers provided guidance to listeners, drawing attention to talent.

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Oct192013 Weekly Recap: The Future of Music Marketing: Direct-to-Device


How to Score the Next BIG Hit: 5 Marketing Tips From Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop"

With over 7 million copies sold, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” is one of the highest selling singles of the past few years. But WHY was the song such a huge success? And what can you learn from it if you want to score the NEXT big hit? Here are 5 key insights:

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