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Dec212013 Weekly Recap: “Pay For It, Or Lose Us” – The Challenge Facing Independent Musicians


Can't Buy Me 'Likes'

I’ve become very fond of Craigslist.

Searching for players, gigs, and gear, somewhere between my first cup of coffee and a cleaner pair of underwear, I feel like I’m going to need a pair of bunny slippers and a robe this winter in order to fully realize my out of work potential.

I stay in the musician section for the most part, but even those ads are littered with nerds, real-estate agents and date rape enthusiasts. It’s a great place to be if you’re a “serious”, “drug free”,  22 year old female vocalist with your own equipment. And it’s as close as I’m ever going to get to Reality TV.

The searching, however, has paid off.

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Production and Marketing Essentials for Aspiring Music Producers

The mobile age has only made the production industry a more promising land for music enthusiasts, with IBISWorld’s Independent Label Music Production report pointing to an impressive industry revenue of $354 million between 2008 and 2013. Unfortunately, not every music lover has what it takes to make it as a producer. As with the rest of the entertainment industry, music production is, by nature, a cutthroat endeavor. Only the most passionate, most talented, most clever and most willing to sacrifice are able to make it big. But if you do make a name for yourself, the payoff could be incredible, both in terms of finances and personal satisfaction. A successful launch is an absolute necessity, so make the appropriate equipment investments and networking decisions before you venture into this competitive arena.

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“Pay For It, Or Lose Us – The Challenge Facing Independent Musicians

“Pay For It Or Lose Us” The Microdance’s Alex Keevill highlights the challenge facing independent artists.

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Dec142013 Weekly Recap: How To Write A Song If You're Aiming For The Charts


Why You Should Consider Non-Traditional Marketing

Let’s face it: when it comes to sell whatever we do, most of us feel uncomfortable. That is very true for musicians, too. Virtuoso jazz violinist Christian Hows address this problem in this interview with Jonathan Fields at 25:40 as “fear of self-promotion”.

What do we do to overcome this fear?

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How To Write A Song If You're Aiming For The Charts!

If you’ve been making music for a while by now, you probably already know how to write a song. If not, you’ll want to check this beginners guide to songwriting before you go any further.

Now I’ve a question for you: Does the kind of songs you’ve been writing match the aims you have for your music career?

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Top 10 things to do (and not do) when playing an Industry Showcase

Music Gorilla regularly hosts showcases. At many of these events, we have an A&R rep from a major label that is there solely to watch the performances and take notes on everything they’re seeing and hearing. The performers are introduced to the rep and the networking commences. A few weeks later they receive written feedback on their performances for better or worse. What they do with it is up to them of course, but information is priceless.

Since we’ve been doing these shows since 2004 we figured it was time to put some of that experience on paper. So here we go,

10. Show Up – Obvious, but crucial – in order to perform you have to show up. We can expand on this by saying show up on time, or even early. We have bands come in from all over when we do these shows and when you’re on the road, things can happen. Just try to leave yourself plenty of time so that if (or rather, when) they happen, it doesn’t force you to cancel the gig or become a no-show.

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Dec072013 Weekly Recap: How To Make Money With Music Part 1: Gigging


Independent Recording Artist Development in 2014

I sometimes get approached by aspiring recording artists looking for help, and I’ve broadened my skill set from a songwriter to music producer. One of my long-term goals with Leet Music is to be serve as a music / label and publisher for artists within the anime, video game and “otaku” music genre. This article outlines my plans and how I hope to benefit from it.

What is artist development?

Recording artist development is how an publisher (record label, etc.) partners with an emerging artist to create a music product for the first time. Often the artist will provide creative assets like vocals, sometimes the music and lyrics, and the publisher invests in the business of music production, assets like graphic design and music video, as well as promotion and distribution of the record. In exchange for assuming financial risk in the project, the publisher often takes the lion’s share of the earnings from the music.

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49 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice (Part 2)

It’s been a minute since the first batch of fierce, fabulous, female music business entrepreneurs showed up on my blog, and as you can see it was worth the wait. I’m thrilled to be showcasing now over 100 women. Please share this, retweet this and feel free to repost on your own blogs. With Love, Ariel

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How To Make Money With Music Part 1: Gigging

Hello all, and welcome to Part 1 of what I hope will be a ongoing series on how to better make money in your music career. Whether you want to earn a full time income from your music or you simply want to make enough to cover recording or equipment costs, this series should go a way in helping you achieve that.

Today I’m going to look particularly at how you can make money from gigging. I often see musicians leaving money on the table from their gigging efforts, either through shyness, or simply because they didn’t know how best to monetize their performances. With that in mind, here are some of the main ways you should be making money from each gig.

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Nov302013 Weekly Recap: How To Promote Your Music - The Ultimate Guide


Thanksgivukkah Think Tank: An Industry Discussion Between Two Jewish Musicians  

This week, we celebrate Thanksgivukkah, a rare occurrence where Thanksgiving eve and the first day of Hanukkah land on the same day. So rare, in fact, that we won’t see another Thanksgivukkah for another 70,000 years! This is not something we can’t afford to miss… This is it people. It’s now or never!!

For this rare occasion, we’ve partnered up two of our favorite Jewish musicians, and thrown them together in a virtual room to talk about how their heritage has shaped their lives and their musical endevors. Michelle Citrin (pictured left) is the star of the hit YouTube sensations, “20 Things to do with Matzah” and “Hanukkah Lovin’”, which to date, have received millions of hits, ranking in the top 20 most viewed music videos in 2008, and have been featured on Good Morning America,, CBS Evening News, as well as The New York Times.

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