A Nashville Musician Needs Us... A Run To Joplin Missouri
May 25, 2011
Ariel Hyatt

Hi Nashville Friends & Family,

I have a favor to ask. If I was there I would do this but I’m in New York feeling really unable to do the Maximum I can.

Vince Romanelli is an extraordinary friend and independent musician who I adore needs us.
see why I love him here

His bandmate Kenny’s parents just lost everything they had in Joplin.

Vince is leaving tomorrow evening to drive to Joplin on a supply run.

Anything you can do to contribute will be deeply appreciated.

Even if you are not in Nashville If you have anything to spare, please go here:

Here is his email.
I can try and come meet you, but if you can bring it to my house by the fairgrounds, or to Kenny and Sara’s by Kroger that’d be extremely helpful.   

I WILL make a run to cool springs or Nippers Corner tomorrow, so I can try and meet as many as I can.
    Much love,

please, please spread this around.  LITERALLY… everything helps.


Thank you so much to all of you who have reached out with a desire to help Kenny’s family as they recover from the devastating tornado that hit his hometown of Joplin, Missouri.  As you may have heard, his mom, dad and younger sister were trapped in their crawlspace and were freed after Kenny’s grandpa and a neighbor axed away at the rubble, working tirelessly to get them out.  They walked away with nothing but we are so grateful that they were among the fortunate who WALKED AWAY.  For that, we are unbelievably grateful.


We are traveling to Joplin on Wednesday night and are collecting the following items they are in need of to take with us.


Kate (Kenny’s 20 year old sister) - Size 5 Pants (short length), Medium Shirts, Size 7 Shoes
Julia (Mom) - Size 10 Pants, Medium Shirts, Size 9 Shoes
Kenton (Dad) - Size 36x30 Pants, Large Shirts, Size 9.5 Shoes

In addition to basic clothes, items like pajamas, work boots, socks, rain boots or jackets, are appreciated.

Also, there is a need for day to day toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, soap / body wash, makeup, tylenol / advil, towels / washcloths, etc. or items that will be helpful when working on clean-up efforts so things like work gloves, batteries, flashlights, bug spray, and sunscreen.

Beyond that, we have also been working with the local chapter of the Red Cross in Joplin and will also be carrying donations of items they’ve requested such as clothing (all sizes), blankets, duffle bags, sleeping bags, moving boxes (broken down so they can be transported easily) and non-perishable items.  I would ask that the items donated be new or only very gently used.  Since these folks will be starting completely over so we want to make sure that they are provided with items in a good condition and don’t come with stains, rips, or an obvious amount of previous use.  We will also be purchasing water from nearby towns but didn’t want to use up the weight or space transporting those so any cash donations will be used on that.


All items can either be given to us directly or at one of the following locations:

Our house
Today - anytime / Tomorrow - anytime before 4PM
3608 B. Caldwell Court
Nashville, TN 37204

Vince’s house
Today - anytime / Tomorrow - anytime before 4PM
616 Hamilton Ave
Nashville, TN

Downtown Presbyterian Church - Church Office
Today - anytime before 6PM / Tomorrow 9-4PM
154 5th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219

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