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Andrew Dubber To Record Album In Delhi With Street Kids

image from Andrew Dubber, a music industry commentator and founder of Music Think Tank, has ventured to Delhi. He is working with a group called Music Basti; it is a youth-run charity. It organizes music workshops in homes for street children. Professional musicians, many of whom are successful recording artists, run the music workshops.

In partnership with Music Basti, Dubber intends to record an album of songs featuring the street children and release it online. He wants to do this to simply try and raise money for the charity. All proceeds from the album sales will go to the group to support their work. He hopes that it brings their cause to a wider audience too. The album once recorded and mixed down, will be released through Bandcamp. It will be available for free and as a pay-what-you-think-it’s worth.

Dubber intends to use various forms of online media to build a story, create meaning, and connect the cause and music to people on a deeper level.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Dubber will be posting some short videos photos, and some reflections about his trip to India on his blog.

Above all, he is very keen about encouraging more music, by more people, in more places. With this project though, his hope is to involve great kids in making a great record and use the sales from it to make money that will benefit them.

Read about his arrival to India here.

Reader Comments (1)

This is fantastic news. I recently returned from living in New Delhi (Gurgaon specifically) for about a year and they have a great music scene, really lively. I love to see the international collaboration; so much to learn and take away from one another in a closely connected world and I wish more people would do this. I'll be following the blog closely...

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October 28 | Registered CommenterSteven Otu

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