Artist Advice: How to Make Money through YouTube Ads
August 11, 2011
Brendan Moore in Digital Music, YouTube, money, revenue

This article is by Brendan Moore (@webmusicguy), Founder of Receptive Music, a digital music marketing company that makes the web work for artists. He posts regularly on Receptive Music’s blog.

This post is the final post in a 3-part series on Easy Pas­sive Income for Artists.   Read Part One on iTunes Affiliates here, and Part Two on Amazon Affiliates here.

I was at a digital music event earlier this year, and was shocked to find out how many people had not heard how easy it is to monetize your YouTube channel through Ads.  YouTube will pay you for doing what you already do! Take your money!

Here’s how it works…..

YouTube offers revenue sharing for their ‘Partners’ through advertising that they show on your videos and pages.  You are eligible (in fact, they want artists!) to become a partner by filling out the Partner Application.

Please note that you cannot become a Partner if you cover songs on your channel!  You need the global rights to all video, images, and audio used on your channel.  Just don’t use anyone else copyrighted content and you will be good!

The main benefits of being a YouTube partner:

Two main types of Ads that can show…

InVideo Ads:

- Small banner pops up on bottom of screen 5 seconds into your video (users can close it)

- 300x240px Banner off to side of video


InStream Ads:

- 15 second YouTube video shown before your video

InStream ads will most likely annoy your fans, but generate good money.  If you’d like, you can disable InStream ads, so that your page and videos only show InVideo ads, which are very commonplace in the YouTube user experience, and not as disruptive to your fans.

Bottom Line:

 You’re most likely already sending your fans to YouTube.  If you’re looking for an easy way to get passive income off the traffic you receive on your YouTube videos and channel, apply to the Partner Program.

For more information, check out YouTube’s description of benefits and qualifications here.

Otherwise, click here to go apply!

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