Beginners Guide To Using Soundcloud
September 9, 2013
Mark Longhurst in Digital Music, MTT, MTT Open, Social Media, soundcloud

Before I start, let me say there are many alternatives to upload music throughout the internet, including ReverbnationYouTube and the old timer trying to be young again, MySpace.

Setting Up Guide:

Soundcloud is a free to use website for uploading audio - all you need to start is your email address or the usual Facebook/Google sign in information. I’ve noticed using a separate email is easier for bands and producers than your personal Facebook account, but if you are just using Soundcloud to listen to music and maybe upload some amatuer things for your friends, then Facebook or Google could be the way to go.

Artist Name/Username

I was going to say that’s pretty simple, but actually choosing a name for your music could be one of the most important decisions you make. That’s for another post, but don’t be generic…please. Also; don’t make your name something like “F00_Fighters”, nobody would ever search you by that.


Choose something with your artist name in it, and something memorable. Not something like “”. Either all one word such as “/davidsmithmusic” or “david-smith-music”


Where you live. This will help both fans and fellow artists know where you are based. (yes…really).

Connected Accounts

I’d fully advise linking up a Facebook like page and a Twitter, (your own personal account if you wouldn’t tweet on the ‘artist’ one, don’t make one then leave it empty). A blog-like website would also go very well, for example Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress account. Having your own website is cool but there is no rush for that, utilize the free social networks for now… unless you have a huge fan-base already in which case i’m sure you’ve already got one, and shame on you for not joining Soundcloud until now!


On Soundcloud you get the choice to be an ‘artist/producer/band’, ‘press/blogger’, ‘label/publisher’ etc. Be what you want to be (up to a maximum of 3).


As you can see from the screenshot, you don’t get much room to write biography on your profile, so it’s best to keep it short and sweet and if people are intrigued, they’ll click the “read full profile” button. Short and sweet is key!

Profile Picture

Unanimous throughout the internet, from Facebook to Twitter, the box is around 200px by 200px so something that fits in there or can be scaled down to that will work very well!


At the beginning, I would suggest a free account, explore Soundcloud before you start paying for it, I’ll go into detail on the upgrade and pricing plans later.

With going “pro”, you get an option of a ‘spotlight’, this enables you to highlight certain songs (such as a released single) rather than a few demos you are putting up always at the top.

Further information on the pricing plans are here –

So I hope you’ve got some music or something to upload, if not, making that would probably be the next step…


Mark Longhurst works in digital marketing, takes some photos and makes music. He also founded the music blog ::papercomets::

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