Creative (And Unusual) Music Marketing Methods
November 21, 2017
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There are more musicians than there have ever been before, and they all have a platform online to put their music out there for the world to hear. It isn’t enough to just put music up online and expect people to pay attention, and as the world of marketing changes people are looking for ways to stand out. Some of the classic, tried and tested marketing methods are still doing the business for bands and artists, but there are also some new ways people are trying in order to get more eyeballs to their project.

At Gigs

Gigs are a way for bands and artists to get the word out there, and are many ways to utilise performances to get your name out there.

Giveaways - I’m not talking about just giving away a free MP3, most people won’t pay attention. If you want to stand out, give away something interesting such as merchandise, a physical release such as a CD or even something as simple as a branded t shirt or cup (preferably with a drink). These things will serve to get your name out there.


Social Media - Social Media is a wonderful tool for musicians, but lets be honest, there is so much being put out on Twitter, Facebook and more social medias aimed at musicians and music fans. Artists such as J Views have done an amazing job, he involved fans in the process of recording his music, which meant they were more invested and likely to buy the album when it was released.

Apps - Some bands and artists have used apps either to enhance the audio visual experience, or just to keep their fans more involved. Providing an app can give you a platform to build a community around your music and give away exclusive content to help your tribe of fans grow.

Video - It’s a classic, but using video in a creative way is vital for marketing music. Whether you take the OK Go approach of amazing, eye-catching videos or you look to create content like tour diaries or studio ‘making of’ videos, video is a great way to reach millions of eyeballs constantly on YouTube.

Physical Items

The Physical value of music has not been forgotten. Vinyl sales are still growing and people have found ways to enhance this side of their music. Releasing lyric books, artwork and even gift packs with music can be a great way to make money as well as ensure there are more platforms for people to find your music. There are a lot of people who go crate digging and look for new music in physical stores, and having something that stands out can be a good way to at least stay in peoples memories.

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