Digital Piracy Vs. The Music Industry [Infographic]
January 25, 2012
Shane Jones in Copyright, Digital Music, Understanding Copyright Law, music industry, piracy

The Music Industry has been struggling to battle the revolution of Digital Piracy for years, with countless musician’s speaking out against it.  This struggle has gone as far as the creation of a few ill-advised bills being proposed by Congress, known as SOPA and PIPA, to protect Hollywood’s movie and music industries from dropping drastic levels of revenue.  However, these laws were far from desirable, and the Music Industry still faces a challenge in battling piracy, despite the activists against it!

Despite all the efforts that have gone into protecting the music industry from piracy, according to this brilliant Infographic by WebpageFX, the Music Industry has been ineffective, and has tough times ahead.

Online Piracy in the Music Industry

Infographic by WebpageFX

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