Do You Want To Give Up? No! These Methods Will Help You
December 7, 2016
Tom Jager in Help, Motivation

Sometimes, we fell like we do not have the willingness or ability to continue doing something and give before reaching the goal. The reasons for such thinking could be very different: we might hit a road block or begin to question whether it was worth to come to that point at all. Or, our mentality tells us that we should stop because the goal cannot be reached by people like us. Hundreds of thousands of people feel this way every day and as the result, they fail to do what they wanted and go home hoping that next time will be different. 

Most of the times, people do not believe or do not want to believe that they can overcome the obstacles presented to them and keep going until they reach the top. They often cite obstacles as the reasons to quit and explain that they were too difficult for them to overcome. 

Have you been in these situations? Where you quit doing something because you thought that the obstacle was too difficult for you? If you have, it is very likely that you gave up on the task and thought it was okay. Well, it’s not. It’s much easier to find a reason to quit instead of working further and you’ll end up with nothing in the end because you did not look for a reason to keep going. What’s more serious is that giving up may become a habit and you might become a helpless person who never works to make their dreams come true. That’s bad because only a strong person can break up a habit.

However, if you are experiencing tough times where you get a road block after road block and begin to think about giving up on something, there are a plenty of methods that will help you to continue. Here are some of the best.


Forget About It


As we said in the beginning, hundreds of thousands of people around the world feel this way every day. You know why? Because nobody is perfect and people give up all the time! Learning how to overcome challenges does not happen overnight, it takes time to realize how to do it right. For example, if we begin to panic after someone criticizes our work we can throw in a towel on our entire career right at that moment because we let go of what could have been. Situations like these happen every day in the world, so thinking that you are alone in this fight with obstacles is just wrong.

When you got rejected, criticized, or encountered some road block, just forget about it. Seriously. Move on to doing something else and get those negative thoughts out of your mind.


Listen To Your Go-To Song


Do you have a song that you listen to when you have to get inspired, motivated or the one that you use for workouts? That’s great if you do because it can be a great helper in tough situations. Actually, this method is used by many athletes, singers, and politicians! Have a look at these celebrity workout playlists presented by Sony; they have the music that inspires and motivates stars like Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry, Stephen Curry, Michelle Obama, and Miranda Kerr. Find some songs that work for you and create a playlist that will be your good friend during the times you are doubted and criticized.


Physical Exercises


Workouts are known for clearing mind in a unique way, says John Lerner, a motivational speaker from a writing company Proessaywriting. For example, morning run can refresh and energize as well as improve the mood for an entire day, and this is exactly what we need in order to forget about giving up and continuing with fresh energy. Pushing yourself physically is the best way to shift the focus of your thinking from the obstacles on motivation and inspiration because solid work that helps to run a couple of miles or lift weight will get you through the obstacles to your goal.


Reframe Your Personal Story


This method is often proposed by psychologists and life coaches because it is effective in changing the mindset of the person. Specifically, instead of worrying about the obstacles that will be encountered along the way to the goal, it is advised to remind yourself that life is a story that has an avalanche of surprises. These surprises, whether negative or positive, will eventually reach you, the main character, and, eventually, they will make you stronger and better at what you do. An American writer and speaker Bryant McGill once said: “Never think you are weak if you cry. Every tear is replaced with wisdom and strength.” This should be the philosophy that you use throughout the life because it helps to interpret failures and obstacles in a way that makes them look as helpers because they enrich you with knowledge on how to overcome them.


Quitting is not an Option


Before you embark on the journey to the goal, you need to make one important deal with yourself. Specifically, you have to decide that quitting is not going to be among the options that you will take along the way because you are locked on the final positive result. Make it clear that you will get punched in the face a number of times before you get what you want, and there is no reason to panic and get back. One great Japanese proverb says that if you fell down seven times, you will get up eight, and this perfectly illustrates the mindset of the relentless go-getter. Read the story of how this mindset helped Brian Boyle, an international health care advocate, to go from a rehab to an endurance athlete.

You are locked on. Period.


The Bottom Line


Giving up is the easiest thing to do and many people are choosing it. However, they end up with nothing and feel bad about themselves going down again. The only way we are going is towards the goal because we will be prepared and locked on it regardless on the circumstances. These strategies will play a great role in helping you to stop thinking about giving up and getting to the top.



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