Don't Act Like an Amateur Band
August 20, 2012
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A while ago, I wrote a piece about The Unspoken Rules of How to Treat a Touring Band. Basically, it was some rules on courtesy between bands show share a gig. After going on a few more tours myself, I wanted to share some additional advice on how to make shows run a little more smoothly and how you can be a little more professional in your gigging.

Here are some assorted tips on the pro’s do it:

A lot of these things seem like common sense and many acts don’t realize that they’re doing these things but the reality is that us promoters see this happen every night. I watch approximately 1,000 bands every year and it’s sad that at least 80% of them (many of them actively touring bands) are still learning the ropes on these basic concepts. Step up your game, act like a pro and venues will begin treating you much better as well. Besides, you’ll find that you’ll have more fun too because you won’t be stressing about long set times, changeovers, being late, or the other problems associated with bad performance behavior.


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