Fair Play Fair Pay
December 1, 2015
Jason K Ventura in Music Business, Royalties, disgital music streaming, fair pay, fair play, radio

2015 brought us many new technologies, but still our licensing system is clearly failing us. There is nothing protecting artists from digital, satellite, and AM/FM play. There is nothing set in place in the US to fairly compensate artists and musicians regarding fair play fair pay. The laws that pertain to royalty payments are unreliable and unfair. These laws need to be reevaluated. Terrestrial radio does not pay anything to artists and musicians, while cable and satellite were grandfathered in paying below the free market. Digital services, especially Pandora, have argued that music recorded prior to February 15, 1972 does not have to be legally paid. How is this fair to artists and musicians?

The Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2015 will fairly compensate artists and musicians, which will balance terrestrial performance rights so AM/FM stations will have to pay performance royalties, it will do so by capping terrestrial royalties at affordable rates. This will be done by having commercial radio stations with less than one million in annual revenue would pay $500 per year and noncommercial radio stations would pay $100 per year. Under this act religious and incidental uses of music would not have to pay royalties. By doing so they plan to level the playing field so there is fair pay no matter if its terrestrial, cable satellite, or Internet radio. This will also require royalty payments to be made to recordings prior to February 15, 1972. In doing so, this will protect artists and musicians so they receive what is due to them. This will ensure that artists and musicians will receive fair pay.



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