General Licensing Infographic
September 6, 2016
Brian Penick in Legal, Licensing, Royalties, infographic, licensing

Editor’s Note: This infographic is intended to visualize the world of General Licensing and how proposed changes could affect songwriters and music licensees. For more information, please check out the proposed SXSW 2017 Panel, “General Licensing: Where Are My Royalties?”  (Votes are also encouraged; voting ends 9/2/16.)


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  • #9: Some of these songwriters had songs on the radio during this time period and within the market. Those songs were not ones identified in the study’s test sites and therefore these songwriters would not receive compensation for the use of those specific songs.





• Artwork: Corey Donovan & Joey Brennan

• Copy: Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger & Brian Penick


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