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Get Out Of The Garage: 4 Tips For Success When Starting A Band



There are hundreds of bands playing across the country each night at clubs or private parties. However, only a handful of those groups will ever get a record deal or gain any type of widespread recognition or fame. What are some steps that your band can take to overcome the odds and become a household name?

Create Good Music

The easiest way to attract a following is to have legitimately good music. Whether you choose to create rock, blues or a combination or rap and pop, you need meaningful lyrics or instrumentals that will leave people wanting to hear more. In some cases, you may create music that is more bubblegum in nature simply to hook people into listening to your other songs that may not necessarily be designed for the masses.

Have Help Getting the Word Out

If you have a show in the near future, it is in your best interest to promote it heavily. You may not be able to afford an expensive marketing agency or printer yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own marketing efforts yourself. You can design your own flyers, print them using machines like those found at West Coast Office Equipment, and distribute them yourself and through your friends and family.

Market Yourself Properly

Every band needs a front person who becomes the face of the group. This is the person who everyone knows about and wants to see when the band comes to town. In most cases, the lead singer acts as the most recognizable person of the group, but it is possible for a bassist or guitarist to develop his or her own following as well.

Collaborate With Other Musicians

Getting other artists to collaborate on tracks for your upcoming CD may give it the boost needed to gain mainstream attention. Taking your talents on the road as an opening act for a major band could provide the exposure needed to eventually put your own band in the spotlight. As a general rule, network with as many people as possible to build awareness and grow your audience.

If you are thinking about starting a band, you will need more than just talent alone to be successful. It will take a talent for promotion and a knack for building relationships with others in your industry to get your band recognized on a regional or national level.

Get Out Of The Garage: 4 Tips For Success When Starting A Band

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