Getting Your Band Pumped For Your First Big Gig (Without All The Nerves)
August 12, 2019
Anica Oaks in DIY, Gigs, Live Music, first gig, live gigs, stage fright

Booking your first big gig is a special thing. It’s a sign that your band is actually on the road to bigger and better things—and it’s also something that can cause an awful lot of anxiety. If you want to ensure that your band stays pumped without getting too nervous, you should consider taking the actions below.

Make it a Big Deal

First and foremost, try making this a big deal. Get shirts printed with the date of the show. Tell all of your friends and family about it. Make sure that it’s all over your social media. Treat this like the big deal that it truly is, because you’re never going to get another chance to have your first gig with this band.

Have a Party

Your next step is to have a party before the gig. Make it far enough out that it’s not going to impact your performance, but close enough to the gig that it’s celebratory. Don’t wait to have a party after the show—you want to be able to celebrate no matter how the gig goes. Get the people you care about together and spend the night celebrating this next big step in your career.

Find a Bonding Experience

Don’t be afraid to do something together. Go out and get psychic readings together to learn more about your future. Go to a concert together to see the bands that inspired you. Spend some time doing the things that you love together in order to bring you closer together. This will help you to improve your band chemistry and remind you why you booked the gig in the first place.

Make it Your Focus

If you really want to build up the hype for your first big gig without bringing on more anxiety, just put all of your focus on that gig. Don’t worry about what happens next. Don’t worry about what happens if something goes wrong. Instead, center all of your conversations on what’s going to happen at that particular gig. If you can keep your focus, you’ll stay excited and stop worrying about the future.

It’s natural to be nervous about your first big gig, but you don’t need to let your nerves ruin the experience. Focus on that gig, make it a big deal, and take steps to make it something worth celebrating. There will never be another first big gig, so take the time to enjoy it while it lasts.

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