How Keen Musicians Successfully Protect And Secure Their Songs
June 28, 2017
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Musicians in today’s modern age have many outlets for their art, but these pathways may not be very secure. They might actually create problems where the songs are open to the public, and they’re immediately copied or taken. It’s critical for musicians to protect and secure their songs with several tools, including both simple and complex strategies.

Keep a Backup

There have been many stories where established artists have saved their newest songs on their computers, and the hard drive immediately breaks down. Verify that you have a backup of your work after each session. Listen or watch the backup data so that you’re sure of the recording. Losing any work can result in lost profits, especially if the song is a hit in the making. Use another hard drive, flash drive or other resource to keep up with the recording’s backup. You’ll never lose your data again.

Password Protect the Work

Backing up the work is critical, but also consider a password page. If you ever misplace your computer or cellphone, the password is automatically set on the device. In most cases, you can only type in a guessed password about three or four times before that person is locked out. Although you may not receive the device back, your music is off-limits to those unauthorized people.

Find Legal Protection

You may not be a legal professional, but most musicians understand the value of the law being on their side. Look for a legal representative who can help you with intellectual property law. Professionals, like those at Carter West, know that it is possible to protect your published work with these laws. Legal experts go over your information, list it under a specific contract and then you are protected. If that information is ever compromised, you have a legal right to press charges against the offending party.

Use Social Media Resources

Your music career probably incorporates social media as a distribution resource. These platforms are incredibly important for your career so keep using them. However, don’t overlook the features embedded in the sites. Use their security and protection features to keep your music safe. Any hacking situations are quickly reported to the site and your contact number. Be in control of your songs with online ease.

Be aware of any clips or videos placed online that you aren’t directly involved with at the time. It’s possible that your music could be compromised if someone else is using these clips. You want to retain any control and rights over the music as you move forward with your career.

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