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How To Gain More Authentic Followers

Is to not try to do this at all! but in fact to start small. Tiny! Instead of thinking wide, about how many people you can pull into your pie, think so small!

Think that every single person you pull in has to really love your music, or your art (whatever it is that you do). The wider your audience the more chance you have of distilling the type of people that may see and like your posts.

I’m most definitely of the opinion that it’s so much better to have 50 people following you that completely love your music to death, then to have 1000 that don’t give two hoots about you.

That’s why, especially for independent artists, doing things like buying your followers or even creating facbeook adds that increase your follows on a larger scale is a really negative thing to do for your career. Because those 1000 people that just liked your page on Facebook, or followed you on twitter or instagram, don’t know who you are or your music!

I really think that’s it’s more important to work on a one-to-one scale with people and to grow your fan base organically.

Learn, about the people that you meet in greater detail! What type of music do they love, what are their interests, what do they hate, get to know them just like you’d get to know a new friend that you met at a party.

And this may take time, lots of time but one by one, as your lists grows, it will be filled with more authentic interactions and you will reach the right people and have better engagement and on your emailing list (which is always a good idea to have), when you send out a monthly update of what you’re up to, you might get a few emails of encouragement back.

That’s the dream right? that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? It’s to create art/music, to do what you love to do and to share that with an audience that you have nurtured and grew from the ground up!

But, what’re your thoughts on this? Do you have any tips? Anything I’m miss out? Leave your comment below and share your thoughts!

About the Author 

Youthfire is the solo project of 24 year old, Stephen Carmichael from Brisbane, Australia. Youthfire’s music combines an electronic soundscape, 80s inspired synthesisers and recordings of acoustic instruments to create an atmospheric, emotive and enigmatic world for you to dream in. Click here to check out Youthfire’s music, to follow on Facebook or twitter or to join the emailing list


Reader Comments (1)

This is so true, especially the part about not buying followers. At least with an ad, you assume the respondents are actual people that checked out your page. But, when you buy followers, they are probably not real people and they may well disappear after a short time. Other than the number of "likes" you get no benefit and possible harm from this. Better to take the time to work on building actual relationships with people into your music.

February 8 | Unregistered CommenterSerena Howlett

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