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How To Get Bloggers To Write About You - Become a Reader & a Commenter 

VIDEO: Ariel Hyatt and Derek Sivers: Getting Your Music to Bloggers, Podcasters& iRadio DJs

I really loved the pieces that Chis Bracco has written here on MTT on Blogging and I wanted to add some thoughts on getting blogs to write about you.  His strategies are rock solid and full disclosure he used to work with my company and he is indeed very effective at getting bloggers to cover artists. Read Chris’s piece here:

I know that blogging seems like yet another unbearable thing to take on so there are 2 ways to approach this

1. Become a reader and commenter
2. Become a reader, commenter and blogger yourself!

Q: How Do You Play Ball with the Bloggers ?
A: Become a reader and commenter

I highly suggest that you try to get familiar with the blogging world by reading blogs and posting comments on blogs you like.


CAUTIONARY TIP: If you are posting on a blog who has not already covered you DO NOT HYPE YOURSELF. Bloggers hate it! Instead, you can leave comments about something THEY wrote and include your sig file with your name, band name and a link to your website. This is a subtle way of letting the blogger know you are a musician without saying: HEY! REVIEW ME! If they like your observations about them and what they write, they just may.

Create profiles at Google Reader and Friend Feed and add the RSS feeds from your different social networks. These profiles will feature updates from your RSS feeds, and enable you to follow your friends and favorite blogs in one place. Other people will also be able to see all of your various feeds in a central location.

Add your blog’s RSS feed to your Facebook profile(s) and your Facebook friends can also see your updates on your Wall.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Blog

1. Blogging is a fabulous way of keeping your fans connected to you – it goes much deeper than the micro tweets on Twitter and the images on Facebook & Flickr

2. Google LOVES blogs and if you set your blog up properly you will be found on Google for anything and everything you write about – this can lead people to you who were looking for other topics. Blog about your dog and a person looking for yellow lab” may run into your blog entry and become a fan.

3. You can easily update your own website and stop being beholden to a web designer. If you are thinking about re-designing your site I can’t recommend this highly enough! USE A WORDPRESS INSTALL for $150 - $200 a pro can install it for you and you will be in control not a web dude. You can post for a webdesigner to install for you here:
Note: we have someone on our staff who can also do it – just get in touch with Christian if you would like.

4. Gets you on a level playing field with other bloggers! It’s no secret that bloggers read other bloggers blogs. A blogger will trust you much more if you understand the whole world of blogging.

Video: Ariel Hyatt (Cyber PR) & Rick Goetz (Musician Coaching) Talk about The Benefits of Blogging


How To Start a Blog
Get a wordpress install on your site (I suggest using a designer to import for you)
I suggest the following format:

TIP: Post on elance for an experienced designer to handle this for you (make sure you choose someone who is well reviewed on elance with past experience doing Wordpress installs)

If budget is an issue, get a free blog at or

For Bloggers: Some Upgrade Ideas!

1) Install a Google Reader or FriendFeed widget on your blog

2) Import your flickr photos and cross post on Facebook :)

3) Add a blogroll of other bloggers and bands you admire or venues you play

4) Get help with content! Ask a fan or band member, producer, or family member to guest blog for you!

5) Are you RSS Optimized?  Many blogs are not properly set up to be RSS feeds (and they should be) Go here to Google Reader to see how yours measures up.

Reader Comments (9)

some great tips here. That's the thing about all of this blogging, getting yourself out there stuff... there is ALWAYS more to learn, which is a good thing. It would nice if it could be static just for a week or 2 :)

Thanks for consistently putting out useful info to help musicians do what they hate... marketing! :)

We would be lost without you.

July 19 | Unregistered CommenterHelen Austin

Great stuff, Ariel! Thanks for mentioning my previous post :)

July 19 | Unregistered CommenterChris Bracco

fantastic. most helpful post ive read all day. cheers guys

You are most welcome Helen, Chris you rock! and Joseph: It's my pleasure!

- Ariel

July 21 | Registered CommenterAriel Hyatt

I think this information is highly useful and spot on, but at the end of the day an artist simply has to focus on being good at what they do and of course, not piss people off with annoying shameless promotion. There is plenty of time to promote your art after you have perfected it. The bottom line is that I agree in regards to having a good approach, but if the blog owner loves your work and gets inspired, they will write about you, famous or not. I much prefer to be written about based on inspiration from the writer, who in the end is a true fan.

July 22 | Unregistered CommenterMike Borgia

But what if no one cares in the first place? How many independent musicians out there are really blogging anything worth reading about?

July 22 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Doves

Hello and thank you for the post!

Back links to a website are an important factor for Google ranking. If you create a link wherever it is on the web and google can see it this will count towards your website ranking.

I think blogging is great but I recommend you learn some SEO (I recommend Matt Cutts blog and youtube videos) unless your really good at social marketing.

July 23 | Unregistered CommenterEvan Roberts

:LOL: I can't really see the amount of unique readers, that read the article, but judging by the amount of comments (at that point 7) I think not too many people get the idea... Of course, me, commenting here, definitely counts as "Yes, I agree and I liked the article - Thanks for posting it"!!!

What I'm thinking is that blogs are not that rude form of misunderstood marketing, where you shove some product in people's faces. When you're existing in the bloggers world, two things are of great importance. One - to be interested in what other people think (and I don't mean about YOU... I mean about the world as a whole or about particular parts of it) so you can not only learn or inform, but also interact. Second, to have something to say. This is not something you can fake with templated comments and "thank you for joining me"s.

July 23 | Unregistered CommenterIvo

Great post about how to get started and behave as a blogger!

To a great extent I agree with Mike Borgia's comment above, but today's reality in many ways forces musicians (or anyone who wants to ''sell' a something, whether it's music/art or commercial products or services) to know the importance of marketing, and how to market oneself in the best way.

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