How To Maximize Your Music Collection On Your Phone
December 21, 2016
Dixie Somers in Advice, collection, listening to music, organization, phone


If you enjoy having access to your digital music collection on the go, you may feel a bit limited by what your smartphone can do as an audio playback device. With the right tools and strategies, however, you can maximize your smartphone music collection so that you can always delight in a great listening experience wherever you may be.

Making Room for More Music

Variety is the key to enjoying music on the go. Ideally, your music collection should be large enough for you to set your media player on shuffle without having to listen to the same songs repeated over and over. For this to happen, you need to expand the storage capacity of your smartphone. This is easy for Android and Windows smartphones that have a slot for SD memory cards; if you have an iPhone and can’t upgrade to a new one, you can make space by synchronizing fewer songs on the iTunes app, reducing the media quality or using a streaming service such as Apple Music.

Index and Catalog Your Music

If you really love your music, you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario of losing it all in a single catastrophic day. Backing up your music collection is essential, but you want to go one step further and create an index, catalog or database of your all your songs in case you need to rebuild your collection. An easy way to catalog is to spend time with the tag editor of an MP3 utility such as Winamp, exporting the songs to a single playlist, converting it to a text file, and transferring it to safe places such as prepaid SIM cards for phones.

Access Your Music from Anywhere

Should you ever find yourself separated from your smartphone, you want to make sure you can still access your music collection from other devices. One of the best ways you can accomplish this is with the Google Music Manager app, which you can install on a Mac or PC so that you can stream your collection from any internet-connected device with a media player.

Discover New Music

If you really love music, you need to keep discovering new songs, trends and artists. Modern streaming services like Pandora are your best options in this regard, but you have to remember to activate special interest features such as curated playlists, recommendations and podcasts.

In the end, you could get a lot of musical enjoyment from your smartphone by remembering to practice the tips listed above. You can maximize your collection’s size, quality, and enduring growth for maximum music enjoyment!

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