How To Reach Out To Industry Execs
November 9, 2011
Minh D. Chau in Creating a Strong Community, Industry, Leveraging Social Networks, music business, network, networking, professional musician

Every now and then, I go on an open mic binge and discover new little spots and new artists honing their craft. There was this one girl who was absolutely amazing. I told her what I did and she started asking questions. Our conversation came around to how one can get the right exposure and further their career. I shared with her a lot of things, but one of them was about reaching out to industry insiders and building a professional network that will help propel her career forward. It’s not enough to play live. You have to also work hard at building your professional network in the music industry. Finding contact info is easy. There are directories and registries out there you can buy. However, there are some realities concerning industry people that you have to understand before you reach out to them. Or else, you’ll only annoy and alienate them. Here are those realities. 

I’m sure there are more realities that could be covered, but I feel like these are the most important ones to understand. In the words of Dale Carnegie, “speak to the other person’s interests” in everything you do…especially when it comes to reaching out to industry execs. And in the wise words of Jesus, “the greatest among you will be your servant”. How well can you serve someone else’s purpose? The better you can, the better your career will be. 


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