How to Set and Reach Your Music Goals
January 27, 2009
Bob Baker in Developing a Strategy, Realizing Your Goals

The fifth term of my “Music Marketing 101” class at recently wrapped up. The twelfth and final assignment asks students to create a 12-month marketing plan they can use in the real world.

Most students do a great job with it. But it amazes me how many include goals such as:

Book a lot more live shows.”
Sell a buttload of CDs and music downloads.”

Hmm …

Let me ask you: Exactly how many is a “buttload”? How do you know when you have arrived at buttload status? And how much is “more”?

For goals to be effective, they must be …

You must have a clear target and be able to know whether you are moving closer to or further away from the target.

Fuzzy goals lead to fuzzy actions and fuzzy results — things that won’t serve you well.

 More concrete goals would be:

Book 3 live shows every month in Atlanta.”
Sell 100 physical CDs, 200 single downloads, and 50 album downloads by June 1, 2009.”

These goals are more effective because you will know right away if you reached them, exceeded them, or fell short.

So get crystal clear about what you want. That specific destination will influence the focused actions you take, which will lead to results.

And when you effectively evaluate the results — which you should do often — the insight you gain will help you adjust your plan and your target.

That’s right. Goals and plans aren’t set in stone. But having one to begin with sets you on a definite course of action. And action is what you need to make progress with your music career … and your life.

-Bob Baker

P.S. Another helpful post you should read is Ariel Hyatt’s “Musician’s Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals in 2009.”

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