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Join MTT's Online Networking Party & Introduce Yourself To Our Community

Today, many Americans are celebrating Independence Day. MTT and Hypebot like to hold occasional online networking parties during the holidays so we’re holding one this week on Music Think Tank. 

In the comments section here, tell us a little about yourself, what you’re working on, and your thoughts on the music industry. Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other readers that are interested in collaborating can find you. 

Shameless plugs are allowed. 

Reader Comments (65)


I'm Dreama and thanks for the invite:

- I'm a hip-hop musician from London, UK
- I'm currently promoting my first EP: REIFIER available to stream for free online
- I've just released a music video for CTRL+ALT+DEL (track 4 on REIFIER)
- I love networking with fellow musicians so leave me some feedback & I'd be happy to reciprocate.

Enjoy the party! ;-)

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterDreama

Grandfather - -

We're a Brooklyn-based 4-piece rock band. We currently operate entirely DIY, though are looking to build a team and take our operation to the next level - booking/tour support, management, promotion, art and video collaboration, etc.

Currently in pre-production for our second record, to be recorded this October w/ Alex Newport. Looking into possibilities to release this LP, and tour constantly in 2013. We are progressive in our ideas about the music industry and would like to meet likeminded people interested in working with us.

Strong interest in analog recording, and keeping music "human" in the digital age; this is a theme that runs throughout our lyrics, and our creative process. Read more about us at:

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterMike

There were no comments on here, so I guess I am the first one to go on and shamelessly talk about myself for the readers and writers of this communtity. I am a songwriter, music student and blogger from Sweden. I'm starting my first semester on the Songwriter's Academy in Örsköldsvik this fall, and I have just started up a Swedish music marketing & band managing blog called with tips and ideas for musicians.

I'm mainly into songwriting for others, although for every other song, theres always one I end up singing myself. These songs, aswell as a few performed by others, can be found at

If you want to get hold of me for some reason, by all means do so, either at


Erik Koral

President and Founder of FanManager. Full service digital marketing firm in Los Angeles. Some of our clients are Depeche Mode, Shaikra, Infected Mushroom, Epic Records, MNET, Victoria Justice and many others.

Our website is here

Email :

July 4 | Registered CommenterErik Koral

Jody Garner

I'm a performing songwriter. I have a great love of melody. Since it's just me and an acoustic guitar I try to make the melodies entertaining on their own rather than relying on a lot of production.

Here's my website:

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterJody Garner

Hi everyone!! I'm Christine- A music industry writer based in Chicago, USA. I write for a number of industry publications and web sites, as well as my own (

I also work for a PR/marketing firm called AMP10. Our mandate is to do the right thing by marketing FULL FORCE globally.
We have offices in Beijing, Bali (Indonesia), Capetown (South Africa), Caracas, Venezuela, USA, UK, Canada, and Tokyo.
We have an amazing and ever growing roster and utilize all of our resources to do what's best for our artists.

I'm on MTT all the time, it's nice to actually get to see what all of you do for a change :o)

~Christine Infanger

No Problem! Marketing (NPM) has been in business for 11 years as a Full Service Artist Development & Music Marketing Company and Consultancy.

NPM helps in the artist development and brand building process for new artists, and enhances the visibility of established artists.

We cut through the clutter in the marketplace and help artists rise above the "noise" by providing the artist with a network that lends credibility to their profile and puts them in front of millions of potential music consumers.

In addition, NPM seeks out opportunities and partnerships for artists to help generate revenue, monetize their assets, and extend their Artist Brand.

Our Credo: Commitment to the artist and their music; creative solutions to move their career forward; and the best follow-through in the business.

From Independent artists just starting their careers, to established artists looking to "move the needle" - whatever your Music Marketing Needs - it's No Problem!

Twitter: @EdNPM

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterEd Bunker

I am a songwriter/artist/singer just did two album releases this last year working on two more now...

do this like it is a mission I was sent to do appreciate all the input to help getting that done..... I like to quote one of my favorite artist Johnny Winter " I love to play! I will do it till I die! And even a while after!"

Can be found on iTunes, Amazon, My Space, Spotify.....all those links on my website

Hi everyone! First of all, I want to thank MTT for all the helpful advice I've been receiving since I subscribed in the last couple of weeks.

I'm an experimental electronic artist who goes by the name of Kat Hennessy. I have to admit that I treated my music production the last couple of years as a hobby, but over the last year I have been really treating it seriously by learning more about the industry. I'm currently in a Music Technology program in my home country, Trinidad and Tobago. Recently, I attended a music conference here that helped recharge my dreams. I love the change in the music industry that's occurred in the last decade or more since the Internet allowed more independent artists to market themselves. I now want to truly start taking advantage of this fact and start finally making money off of my music!

My shameless plug for my site: And all the best to each and every one of us as we continue to learn what will help us reach closer to success!

Happy 4th USA!
Right now, in real time, listening to one of our songs, 4 Bell, playing on DirecTV's Smooth Jazz Channel. Makes me Smile!
YouTube Link to a performance of our Award Winning Blues
Celebrating our 10th Anniversary as the "House Band" Dome Arclight Entertainment Center Hollywood!
Happy 2 b Alive, Making Music!
Enjoy our Holiday!

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterGregg Young

Peace on this Day of Freedom Celebration.

I am a veteran (30 yrs) artist manager in the Christian music industry. I meet amazing young people every day who are working in the entertainment business. It gives me a feeling of confidence that the future of music is in good hands. The music industry has provided a great life for me and my family. I pray the same blessing on those of you who make music your profession.

My "season" is now teaching new leaders the "how to" of a successful career in the business. You can learn more here:

Be safe and happy today and remember the cost of our Liberty.


July 4 | Unregistered CommenterMike Smith

Hey all!

I write and play violin for Lumus. We are a Symphonic Metal in Portland OR. We recently finished work on our debut album Bacchus Curse with engineering expertise of Logan Mader, and today we release our first video from that album: The Burning Plain.

We're looking for licensing representation and promotion for the album.


July 4 | Unregistered CommenterJon Lumus


Great to meet everyone. My name's Alexi Paraschos, soul singer/songwriter from the Boston area, trying to just work the hustle....



July 4 | Unregistered CommenterAlexi

Hi HAPPY 4 TH OF July to all of America my band is called THE O'CAJUNALS and based in SCOTLAND on the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.We play a mix of Scottish Irish and Cajun tunes born as a 2 piece 5 years ago and now a 5/6/7 piece depending on the gig
Catch us on Reverbnation Joe QUINN / The O'cajunals Slainte

July 4 | Unregistered Commenterjoe quinn

Hello guys! This is awesome!

My name is IreneB and I'm an indie artist from Barcelona, Spain. I am currently promoting the first single off my second album & I released my first album in 2009. I am not going to do a whole bio here, but I, not only love music as itself, but I love the music business. That said, I started a blog & youtube channel called "Diary of an Indie Artist", where I share some tips & knowledge about the music business, you can check it out at

Feel free to contact me through Facebook or Linked In.



July 4 | Unregistered CommenterIreneB

Old school musician and old school music executive. Played drums with The Staple Singers, Count Basie... Worked@WB, RCA, A&M, BMG&Solar Records. Nothing much has changed. The principle is that you have to make Great music, put some Great product out and perform anywhere and everywhere you can. Artists never made money from recordings except as an advance/loan that had to be repaid with interest. Stop complaining. Put your best foot forward and the money will find it's way to you. Good luck.

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterJun Mhoon


So much talent in this party! I'm a Latin songwriter that is working on having the best original music channel on YouTube.


Dear Creative Giants,

Next year will be my 20th year of conjuring the most mystical dark electronic music in the universe.

It will also see the first releases on Zyntax Motor City (Germany) and Last Known Trajectory (UK).

I'm now on the hunt for further labels worldwide, as well as curious on collaborations, I can do a unique remix like you've never heard from just an acapella.

As well as the Electro dancefloor smarts and beats that Timbaland would be proud of, there is a dramatic film style in the sonic arsenal.

if anyone knows a publisher who could help open doors into film, games, tv, I can really deliver something different from the pack.

I can also help anyone out there who is struggling to get to grips with the creative beast, it can be mastered, but it can be tough, you have to know how.

Examples of recent works on Soundcloud below.

Burn My Soul
Man Of the Cult
The Magician & The Fool
King Of Swords

the Ghost Walks with you
The Ghost That Walks

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Bishop

Thanks for the opportunity. Currently working on a EZ beginning guitar method. This is harder than you think; because you want to make it simple (not dumb) and accessible by everyone (while having fun). Also, I'm playing lots of churches and coffee house venues. Check our my website: and join in the the fun.



I Support Independent Music In Practical Ways. I've placed important links on my Pinterest Board

I write and sing songs in public

Last year I wrote songs everyday at home by myself.
This year I record songs and make independent film projects with my friends.

My name is Rhonda Merrick. I hope to make it easier for the independent music community to find ways to earn a living by adding practical steps to the 42 revenue streams outlined by the Futures in Music Coalition and tweaking their list to fit the Independent Musician business model.

You should follow my Pinterest board, it's where I list most of the things I find. Stay in touch and share something you've learned along the way so I can pass it on.

This is me btw...

In honor of Independent day... I'd like to share this photo. It pretty much covers everything.


Hello Everyone and Happy Fourth!

I am a GRAMMY award winning artist and producer living in the Seattle area. Just released my umpteenth CD call Badlands ( Ambient Americana ) I just luv MTT and enjoy reading all your thoughts everyday. Feels good to know the industry is in good hands with young, smart and hard thinking talent. Congrats to all of you for picking the most rewarding way to make a living. Regardless of how it may appear. We all make people happy with music and that is important.



Hey Everyone.
Thanks to Music Think Tank for putting together such an informative site.
I am a trailer and video game composer. I write mostly raucous hybrid rock electronica orchestral pieces although I have been known to let my "sensitive side" shine in a quiet contemplative ambient piece once n a while. Always up for collabs and opportunities. My site is
Best wishes to all in this group. Thank you.

Happy Independence Day to all Indie musicians and Indie Industry Insiders,
Since 1984 I've worked in marketing and publicity with a wide range of talent. From marketing A List artists as an in house promoter to many years as a free lancer working with legendary to emerging artists.

Based in Nashville, I've established a live music review site where fans contribute reviews of the bands they pay to see. This is an exceptional marketing tool for indies anywhere around the globe, and we have reviews from several countries. Similarly, I do PR for a new Nashville-based company, Dark Horse Nashville, a new outlet for indies to solicit reviews for new work. Singles, EPs, and CDs are being accepted. Email for details.

More and more, I'm being called in to consult on large projects; while I'm always available to talk to artists about their marketing needs. My thumbnail bio includes three Grammy winning campaigns for Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel; Will Ackerman; and Slack Key Vol. 2 (Charles Michael Brotman) --the first Hawaiian Grammy Award issued by NARAS. I've also contributed to the legacy of two of history's most popular songs. "Classical Gas" is the most-broadcast instrumental tune in history; and "Louie, Louie" is the most-recorded rock song, surpassing McCartney's "Yesterday" in 2007.

I'm easy to reach via email at, at,, and you may find me on as well.

Janet Hansen

Hello Fellow Music Lovers,

My name is May and I am a solo independent pop/rock artist. I released my first 2 original songs on June 6th and am presently working on my 3rd song.

My first song is an encouraging, energetic, motivational song and my second song is a sweet, happy love song for family, romantic interests, and friends. I am inspired by many amazingly talented, skilled artists, but the top three singers that have inspired me, in order of appearance in my life have been Madonna, Barbra Streisand, and Céline Dion. My goal is for all people to enjoy my music! Sharing my musical art with the world is my dream!

Please do check out my songs and say hello!



July 4 | Unregistered CommenterMay

Peace Everyone,

My name is Dom Witters and I'm the owner of Lil Villa Publishing and partner for the Multimedia Entertainment company EngrMusic. We have currently released four projects that we are very excited about.

"Smell the Roses" from the artist Villa Dom
Video link:

"Hip-Hop Run the World" from Ghetto Men
Site link:

"Dawn's Song" from The Music Meets Literature project featuring R&B artist Tameka Amar
Video Link:
Book Link:

"I'm Grinding" from Smiz the Money Kid
Video Link:

Information for theses new projects and artist can be found out

Thank you fro taking the time to visit these links.

Dom Witters
Lil Villa Pub

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterDom Witters

one of our projects is giving musicians a credit line via AUM for radio & online promo, some gig connects.
and we also produce

July 4 | Unregistered Commenterian bruce

My name is Dwayne and I manage/perform for a Canadian Indie-Rock band called THE MARQUEE. I read MTT almost everyday. I love it! Best music business/industry blog out there. Thanks for being awesome!

Check out m latest release at


July 4 | Unregistered CommenterDwayne

Hello,my name is Tee Double a Hip Hop producer and artist from Austin,Texas and have been recording and producing for many years releasing 18 indie albums in the process.Always looking to work with other artist of various genres either on albums or film projects.
The music industry is returning back to the control of the smart artist who is willing to work to control their art,
Stay connected friends.

Stay creative.

July 4 | Unregistered CommenterTee Double

Hey everyone,
My name is Franklin I build studios, preach, conduct workshops and seminars on muic business strategy from a technology perspective. MTT is one of my bookmarked sites that i frequent quite a bit. I'm sure everyone hear has a story and in their own right provides a unique and necessary service to their community. I hope your independence day was relaxing, fruitful and full of family, friends or those that mattered for the moment. EnJoY

My name is Clay and I'm an Americana/Indie Rock songwriter/singer from Parker, Colorado and have been active since all recordings were done on tape! After years of playing with various bands...I have taken the plunge and ventured out on my own.

Am currently in the studio working on my first solo project "Downtown Hobbies." I have posted some acoustic demos on my website Check 'em out! You can sign up for my mailing list and drop me a line in my guestbook and let me know what you think. Also links to facebook and twitter.

I would like to thank MTT for giving me tons to think about as I navigate this brave new world!

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterClay Bixel

my name is Wieland. I am a diy songwriter from Germany. In the end of july I'm going to record some songs with a freind of mine. Till than I will record some demos for it. The first one song Feeling Good is allready up on my soundcloud. I hope you enjoy it and i would love to get some feedback.

For all indie rock/pop musicians, who want to get airplay i can recomend the Campusradio Jena. I've worked there for some years and the people doing gret work there. If you don't get airplay, at least you will get a feedback. To send there your music you should use this email-adress: musikchef[at]

Have a nice day and hopefully I hear from you.


July 5 | Unregistered CommenterWieland

If you are a:
band member
Music producer
or you play any instrument ...

Then come join us for free on

We get you gigs and collaboration opportunities for free.
We get paid only when you do.
Our goal is to make everything about music better.

The first 50 new users to upload 5 of their songs or beats to our site get a free iTunes gift card through our new Jamp activity system. Find out more at
Make Music Better.


July 5 | Unregistered

Hi, K.P. here! I'm a folk/country artists from Reno, NV. My thoughts on the music industry could be best summed up by this impromptu Haiku:

Music! Wake up to
sounds in my head. Wish it was
just music in there.

Basically, I appreciate the work (marketing, business, planning, etc.) that must go into being a professional musician. However, sometimes it would be nice to get up in the morning and not have all of those things vying for attention with the one thing that makes you do it: the MUSIC!

Cheers everyone! K.P.

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterK.P.

I am a freelance music journalist that does a mixture of reviews and industry commentary - I want to serve as an intermediary between upcoming artists and the cutting edge in music biz ideas. Check out the site at (also hyperlinked in my name).

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterRyan Getz

Hi, I'm Stephen and I set up in 2005 to provide a professional solution for serious Artists who want to retain complete control of their web site and global digital distribution - at an affordable price.

Arkade features leading edge services & marketing tools for Artists of all genres.

Arkade Artists receive 100% of the price they set for their products.

Arkade is for Artists who are 'doing it for themselves'

For more info see Artist FAQs on Home Page or for any enquiries contact

Hi all,

Katie O'Halloran here. I run A&R tip site I Think I Love It (

Always looking for promising new artists, songwriters, producers, and DJs to feature, so if you have any to share, I encourage you to get in touch using the contact info listed on the site!

You can also find us on...


Hi, Moses here!

I'm one of the founders of Jamplify, a new social media marketing platform where artists can motivate their fans to get the word out for them! On Jamplify, artists can launch jampaigns to get their fans to promote their content. When a fan promotes an artist's content, Jamplify tracks the number of other people that the fan drives to the content. Artists offer unique rewards to their fans based on how many people the fan gets to check out the artist's content. It's like Kickstarter, but for promotion, rather than funding. We're launching in a couple of weeks, so feel free to sign up for our Launchrock at

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions -

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterMoses

Kush Money Boyz Rappers & Producers n da Medical Marijuana dispensary biz 2getha 2 Rap about politics!

July 5 | Unregistered CommenterSai Gordon

Hi, I'm Dean and I'm a Head Lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator for a multimedia college in Oxford, specialising in Audio Production. I'm also a freelance audio engineer (Live, Studio and Sound Design) and music producer. Currently finishing up on the MA Music Industries at BCU where I'm focusing on creating cultural hybridity frameworks and online collaborative environments. I have a strong interest in industry issues and enjoy partaking in debates centred around the music business.

Thank you for this networking opportunity.

I compose New Age/Jazz instrumental music on electronic keyboards/synthesizers. I post a new composition nearly daily on my website for fan enjoyment. No CD yet. Used to perform over 20 years ago, took a long break to raise family and have just recently started back up again. Would love your feedback in these compisitions on my YouTube channel

Hi All,

Thanks MTT for doing this. I read every article, this is a great idea. Okay, you asked for it... Shameless Plug Time!

I'm Ron Tanski a Blues Pianist and Singer here in LA.

My first CD "Dragged You Down" made it to #3 on the Blues radio charts (RMR) with no publicity, management, agent, radio promoter, etc. and was in the Top 100 Blues CD's of 2011. I'm currently working on my follow-up.

I'm endorsed by Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Seriously...

I play solo piano blues around town and was the Lead guy at Ivan Kane's Cafe Was for 4 years, I also play with a lot of smaller bands and am part of the Cats-a-Renos House band at Hollywood's Pig n Whistle Pro Blues Jam. All the big names come and sit in when they're passing through town.

On my own, I've been fortunate to play a lot of high profile gigs as a sideman with a lot of great artists over the years including Grammy winners and nominees, actor bands, the usual LA stuff.

I do session piano work: Rock, Boogie Woogie, Blues

I have a small working studio and I've done some small scoring gigs for animation and I write music for Children's Theater as well.

When I first moved to LA I shadow wrote for the Musician's Union's Local 47 newspaper "The Overture" so maybe I'll contribute an article sometime.

And of course I teach.

Everything you have to do in LA if you're not famous but a gainfully employed working musician!

I'm always interested in people's thoughts about my music and if you're a label, manager or agent type and you listen to my music and like it, please feel free to contact me. I'm not against having one I just haven't found the right person yet.

You can stream my CD "Dragged You Down" for free on my website: and you're welcome to friend me on Facebook RonTanskiBluesPiano and twitter #rontanski and YouTube rontanski

Guess that's about it. I'd love to hear what anybody thinks. Thanks again MTT.

July 5 | Registered CommenterRon Tanski

Hello, I'm a music journalist and former concert promoter.

Right now, my site went from being a place for local (Central Ohio) reviews to being a global resource for Musicians and Bands: Citizen Musicians' Resource

On my site, I feature the best music business and band industry articles from multiple different websites.

I also post others' videos, bringing them traffic. On the side bar are selected references for your music branding: URLs to obtain UPC codes, ISBNs, Trademark, Copyright, Publishing, etc.

Additionally, there is a page on the CMR site that has a huge list of FREE eBooks to download. Some have a cost, direct from the author's website/affiliate.

Hope you swing by. It's a FREE service, done out of my busy, spare time.

If you'd like, there's opportunity to place small, square ad's for only $10/month. Good exposure.

Hello, our name is Elite entourage. We are based in queens, ny. We create, hip hop, r&b, dub, Chillwave, alternative, experimental music and music licensing.We recently put out an official instrumental mixtape >>> . Though we have been a team for 5 years, worked with a few rising stars, we needed to grow so it's about time to show our faces. I have to say, MTT,Hyebot is thee number one place I go for info and understanding. It's great to see people really build and think about music .well I could babble some more but we love to collab with artist and musiscians alike. If you want, follow us on twitter @eliteentourage, @arbzthewolf,@hedfohnluther. Let's work.

Hi All!

I'm Dan Hylton, and I'm an alternative singer songwriter and Craft Pop artist out of Minneapolis, MN. My music is described as being something in the way of Morrissey mixed with Wings. Or a slightly offbeat Swell Season.

I have a six-song EP, The Secret of Him, coming out on Aug 4; and I just released the first single, Boy, yesterday. Link to the video here:

July 6 | Unregistered CommenterDan Hylton

Hi! I'm a music student in upstate NY, working on a degree in cello performance. I'm working on coordinating a live show of tunes I wrote for different combinations of performers (including rappers, vocalists, percussionists, etc), but all involving cello-- all in the neighborhood of pop/hip-hop. I'm hoping to record on EP of all these tunes sometime in the coming months. I had to leave the band Good King Friday, so I'm looking to collaborate all I can these days. Particularly looking to meet more rap artists and vocalists. To hear samples of my stuff, you can visit I love MTT, and think it's essential for anyone who's walking the DIY indie road-- even classical music students could easily benefit from reading some of these articles. I also read Technology in the Arts, The Rest is Noise, Createquity, & some others. Even Museum 2.0 can give you a lot to think about in terms of connecting with your community, even though it doesn't have anything to do with music.

Thanks everyone for sharing. There are some excting project and great info here.

In addition to serving as publisher of and, here is what I spend my day doing as the head of music booking agency Skyline Music -

Hi, I'm Zoe and Im a music blogger from the UK. I've just completed a Music, Media & Rights Certificate of Higher Education and am just about to start a 2 year Music Business degree. I do some PR for an amazing artist called Mimoza:
I also work with and help to develop a group called DDR from Southampton:
I've just set up a PR & Management company too. We're doing free PR for a limited time so if you're interested then let me know!
You can find my music blog here:

If you want to feature on the blog then email me at zoe@yet-entertainment

July 6 | Unregistered CommenterZoe

My name's Erin. I'm a recent college grad looking to break into the business side of the music industry. I'm currently interning at a rehearsal facility in Chicago called Music Garage ( I also do some freelance booking with two companies.

I loved reading what everyone else is doing within the industry. So inspiring to a newcomer like myself.

If anyone is hiring, let me know!

July 6 | Unregistered CommenterErin

Hello! I'm a founder of As The Music Plays, a music publicity and social media company based out of New York. We work with independent artists to build their online brand through digital publicity and social media, as well as album and show publicity. We're excited to be growing and are always looking for more artists to work with!

I also run the blog for As The Music Plays. We write about music/entertainment news, changes in social media, and how independent artists can utilize social media for their career.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to collaborate on a project or if you're in the music community and looking for some help!

--Ann Marie
annmarie @

Shaleea Lucki Johnson of Star Quality Firm

Atlanta's Top Digital Branding Firm

As a full-service digital and graphic design marketing company, Star Quality Firm helps urban entrepreneurs and all entertainment industry professionals achieve their personal branding and marketing goals to perfection.

Our Services Include:
• Marketing Strategy & Branding
• Graphic Design & Print Design
• Electronic Media & Online Promotion
• Social Media Communication Infrastructure
• Web Design & Programming

General Information or 786.664.STAR



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