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Join the Music Think Tank Thanksgiving Networking Party!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are enjoying good food and conversation! Speaking of which, come join the Music Think Tank Online Networking party!


Feel free to comment and introduce yourself and network with others in the Music Think Tank community.

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Thanks for reading and contributing to MTT!

Reader Comments (7)

Hi, I'm Wes Davenport, an independent music marketer and publicist based in Nashville, TN.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I'd like to start us out on a positive note. What are some of this year's accomplishments you're thankful for? I'd like to hear what everyone has been doing and to spread some good vibes around.

For me, I've had a networking explosion. Being legitimately curious and genuinely caring about what others are doing has gone a long way. Seeing opportunities where people I know can help each other out has been fantastic, too. It's incredibly rewarding to connect different people or companies and see that relationship grow into something very beneficial for both.


November 21 | Registered CommenterWes Davenport


I'm Tom Dennehy, a software and consumer audio industry veteran in both hands-on design and product management based in metro Detroit MI USA.

Today I am thankful to Music Think Tank for publishing several of my op/ed pieces this year. I write about our evolving relationship with music — physical v. weightless digital; possession/ownership v. access; low-res v. high-res. I hope we can continue the conversation into 2013 and beyond.


Twitter: @InAurem_a2d

November 22 | Unregistered CommenterTom Dennehy

Hi, I'm Laura Marie, indie musician and part time music nerd.

I'm on twitter both as lauramariemusic and nerdalert4. I love the music think tank for insightful articles on all that concerns those of us who are lifers in this world of music. I blog from time to time on things that concern the indie artist.

I'm currently shamelessly promoting my PledgeMusic project and drinking wine. Well, today I'm drinking wine....not constantly.


November 22 | Unregistered CommenterLaura Marie

Hi, I'm Jonathan Jaeger. I co-founded a music website called HypedSound ( and I'm currently rebuilding the site from scratch with a bigger idea and better design. Feel free to get in early by signing up to the current site! Would love to feature some music from fellow Music Think Tankers right now.

I would like to thank the community on here, Digital Music News, and Hypebot for some great insights over the last year and keeping me up-to-date with advice, news, and ahem *gossip*. I wrote a piece on here a little while back:

Jonathan Jaeger
jonathan [at] hypedsound [dot] com

November 24 | Unregistered CommenterJonathan Jaeger

Hi - My name is Jamie Coletta and I'm an aspiring music publicist in the digital age. I currently work for a startup social/PR company based in Los Angeles but previously held posts at several major record companies. Would love to meet and chat with some other brilliant minds about all the wonderful changing aspects of our industries :)

My twitter and instagram are both @JamieColetta so please say hi!

November 25 | Registered CommenterJamie Coletta

Hello All!

My name is Scot Taft and I run an electronic music site at We are currently accepting submissions from DJs and producers. We also have plenty of writing opportunities for those interested in freelancing as a review or news writer for an online publication. If interested please contact us at


November 25 | Unregistered CommenterScott Taft

Hey y'all,

my name is Ryan. I am a singer/songwriter/producer and would love to be involved in something like this. It is important for us to come up with our own new paradigm that can benefit us all. I love the idea of this communitytaking action. I hope we can all exchange thoughts, ideas and music.

I am on twitter as MrRyanHoliday

November 25 | Unregistered CommenterRyan

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