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Loren Weisman Launches Site, Service and Book

Many MTT readers know Loren Weisman from his articles on this site.  Based in the Seattle area, Loren runs a music enterprise for independent musicians that specializes in production, promotion, marketing and branding.  Loren just finished his book titled The Artist’s Guide To Success In The Music Business.

I have not read the book, but if you have a minute check out Loren’s website.  The site is excellent and the pictures put a trusted face behind the author and his services.


Reader Comments (2)

I am truly amazed to discover he looks exactly like I pictured. That's just eerie.

I am truly amazed to discover that he thinks quirky posts made by 'random' people make him more 'relevant'. THAT'S eerie.

August 3 | Unregistered CommenterOdd meetings

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