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MTT Radio Update

Last week, we launched an experimental page called MTT Radio.  Here’s an update:

  • Over 1,000 unique visitors this week.
  • and some unsolicited news coverage on CNET.
  • Some great songs have been uploaded!

Here are a few requests for contributors:

  • Please, please make sure you own and legally control any song you upload.
  • Please follow all the instructions carefully.
  • Please note the difference between categories (significant genres) and tags (relevant keywords).
  • Please add a Title to every post (Song Name by Artist Name).  We will be showing this title soon.

Once again, some of the songs are excellent.  It would be great to see some comments under some of the songs.  It takes 30 seconds to register to leave a comment under a song.

Reader Comments (1)

It could wind up being a tricky thing, regulating the legality of uploads. Best of luck.

July 30 | Unregistered CommenterJared

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