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Music Is Not All About The Artist

A modern music studio is a blend of high end electronics, computer software, and audio equipment. While Elvis could walk into a modern studio and understand it to a point, there is still a lot of engineering that is required to set one up. At the end of the day, the production of a song still requires a good ear and talent all over. That is why a degree, such as a degree from GWU’s Electrical Engineering program, could open more doors than one might think. Musicians are not all that is necessary to music, so do not believe a lack of singing or instrument talent will keep a person from the field.


Recording Engineer

A recording engineer is the person in charge of all the equipment. They need to be able to set up the studio and the stage. These are the people who know how the microphone works just the way the singer likes, how the recording equipment will capture the right sound, and many other tasks. This person has to be well versed in all equipment that a musician may need. This is the technician of everything. A technician that needs knowledge in electronics, computer programs, and so much more.


Music Producer

Much like a movie producer, the music producer is the one that makes everything cohesive. The producer finds the sounds that will make a hit. They are the one who determines what will go out. This person chooses all the required personnel to make the magic happen. While, in some instances, they also are the beat maker, the most important work done is by getting out music that will sell. A producer has to coax the best out of the musician, while making sure songs are done right. With all the personalities involved, a producer has to make sure the song or album is a team effort that works.


Assistant Engineer 

A recording engineer needs help. While dealing with making sure the musicians are happy, the assistant is learning the job and doing the more mundane tasks. This is the person who does the grunt work that no one usually pays attention to. They need time to learn everything to become a full engineer themselves. This is the apprentice in the business, which means they will be having less interaction with personalities while interacting with the gear. It might seem thankless, but it is a step on a path.


Music Maker 

The music makers are the folks most people know about. There could be a beat maker, the writer of the lyrics, or the performers themselves. These are the people who get the most attention from the outside world. People still talk about the beats made by Dr. Dre for Snoop and Tupac. People are still aware that Bob Dylan songs have been performed by more people than him. While many performers also create their own music, there are times that help is needed. It takes quite a few music makers to get an album ready to sell. There is also a reason why people in the industry hold Prince and Trent Reznor in such an awe. 

Music takes more than musicians. A singer needs more to become a star than a good voice and lyrics. Music is made by a team effort that requires knowledge in many areas. A good electrical engineer can find work in the industry faster than an amazing dancer. That is because of equipment matters in many ways as much as a performer. The next time a person listens to their favorite music, they may want to look into all the people who put an effort in to make it. Music is not about the band or singer, but all the work that it took to get their music right.        

Music Is Not All About The Artist

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