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Music Think Tank Notes and Etc.

A new design for Music Think Tank
In case you have not noticed, Music Think Tank is sporting a new look and feel.  Thanks to the excellent work of Kynan Griffiths of Sculpt.  Note:  Sorry, we no longer support IE 6 (Not sure if we ever did?).

MTT Post Categories
Chris Collins, MTT’s intern from the University of Massachusetts has just finished up categorizing all the MTT journal posts (see the left column of the site).  Thanks Chris. 

MTT contributors, especially MTT Radio contributors: please tag and categorize your posts going forward!  It’s one of the best ways for readers to find your posts after they have been pushed off the top page.

Chris Collins and The Nonsense Society
While I am on the subject of Chris Collins (MTT’s intern), Chris runs an excellent blog titled The Nonsense Society.

Artists should take some time and have a look at this site.  Not only is Chris growing a sizable audience, his site is a good example of mixing art forms (including music) and compelling art to attract an audience. 

Chris also did the interview with Zoe Keating here on MTT.  Including other artists on your site is something else you may want to consider.  It’s far easier to score and interview with a known artist than you think. 

Also (when studying The Nonsense Society), I would consider forgeting about focusing on a particular demographic; when you consider how people search and surf the web, it makes much more sense to attempt to attract humans with similar values, interests and desires, than it does to go after a particular age group (for example).  (See my Eight Things post for more on this).

A growing audience and revisiting old battlefronts
MTT has been attracting around 30,000 unique visitors a month; which means that there are always new readers that have NEVER (believe it or not) heard of things like having a “free song strategy”.  If you detect some redundancy in the posts and within the comments, please be mindful that everyone acquires knowledge and strategies on different timelines. 

It seems that it’s becoming increasingly important (for new subscribers) to revisit ideas and strategies that were discussed here eighteen months ago.

MTT Google Analytics and MTT ownership
If you are regularly leaving comments on this site, you can have access to MTT’s Google Analytics (contact me).  If you contribute popular posts to this site, you are eligible to acquire ownership in Music Think Tank (see our note on this from 2009).  We will try to finalize and post the terms and conditions pertaining to acquiring ownership in MTT later this year.

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