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Musicians on the Internet - Strategy Vs Tactics My Interview with CD Baby's Brian Felsen

Reader Comments (4)

Excellent info! Thanks for sharing. Ive been teaching this to indie artists in my tribe for years! Good to hear others preaching it too!
Keith Mohr

April 29 | Unregistered CommenterKeith Mohr

Too many musos, not enough managers!

Getting these points of view again, this time in the quaint combination accent (Americanstandard/UKnorthEnglish) was a slightly unsettling experience. You do get the feeling of a scout telling Custer now might not be the best time to wash his golden hair in the Little Bighorn (it was a river, wasn't it?), Dave being the scout.

And the industry being the general. I realised why I bristled slightly when I read these thoughts the first time: they should be absolutely, firmly addressed to the managers, labels, pub co's and agents. Musicians should pay as much attention to this side of the business as they used to to whoever Alan Freed decided wrote their B sides. It was Geoff Travis, not the Slits, who set up Rough Trade. It was Daniel Miller, who decided to concentrate on other artists, who set up Mute. Fans and business people need to find ways to make the music business work.

And musicians need to sign up to the union, get themselves a good lawyer and then concentrate on giving the raw material of fabulousness to the business to be exploited. It's very difficult for artists to be both filter and the material that needs filtering. Dave, it's the uni's, the BPI, the government and Tommy Mottola who should be paying attention.

April 30 | Registered CommenterTim London

Not loud enough.

May 1 | Unregistered CommenterJimbo2

HE lost me right at the Radiohead statement.

WE ARE NOT RADIOHEAD, they have been build around the typical MAJOR LABEL MODEL.

May 3 | Unregistered CommenterFebreze

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