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New in MTT Open: Hyperlinks, Pay to Play, Face the Interface, and Are You Really Selling Music?

Hot Links! How Hyperlinks Can Make Your Music Easier To Find Online

Chris Bolton discusses the importance of the right hyperlinks and how they can boost your search engine ranking and web presence. By picking relevant words related to their music, artists can increase their presence online. Read the post to find out more.

“Doing this will help you gain more fans, sell more music, and advance your efforts towards total world domination.” (Read on)

Is “Pay to Play” Okay?

The band, Control the Chaos, is asking if it is sensible to  “pay to play” in order to gain exposure by leveraging a large name. The band thinks that you’re always paying to play with expenses such as promotion costs, traveling, etc. If artists are smart about their investments and business dealings, then it will pay off in the end.

“If you took time to record a decent demo, that’s another expense and we could go on and on regarding all of the investment it takes to try and launch and maintain a band. It goes with the saying “It takes money to make money.”” (Read on)

Face the Interface

Klaus Gropper explores how technology is changing the way consumers interact and consume music. New touch screen interfaces encourage users to interact with devices. New technology and interfaces will impact the record industry’s marketing method and presentation of content.

“The crucial question is, how will content like music be consumed and ‘handled’ in a touchscreen environment?” (Read on)

Are You Really Selling Music?

Nate Talbot poses a simple, yet powerful question: What am I selling? The post tells the story of Ray Kroc who helped McDonald’s become one of the largest fast food chains in the world. According to Kroc, he was in the real estate business because every McDonald’s was located in a high traffic area. The point that Nate is trying to make is: YOU are the product. Artists connect with fans through their music and their stories.

“Music is more than a series of notes that someone enjoys hearing. Music, unlike any other medium, is something that consumers make personal.” (Read on)

Natalie Cheng is the intern at Music Think Tank.

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