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New In MTT Open: Publishing, T Bone Burnett vs. the Internet, & OK Go

7 Words Every Artist NEEDS to Know: Publishing

Nate Talbot, an Entertainment Consultant, gives you 7 words that any artist needs to know for a career in the music business. He reviews words that range from copyright to sync rights. If you are serious about the music business, then you should read this post to learn some of the industry lingo. This will help protect you and your career.

“However, if you are an artist who writes some or all of your own material, or a writer/ composer (beat-maker for the rap producers), this [publishing] is where ALL of your money is coming from!” (Read on)

T Bone Burnett vs. the Internet

With over 40 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, T Bone Burnett surprised the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit at Georgetown University when he said that the future of music is analog. This was shocking because most of the music industry conference has been focused on the Internet and digitization. David D has posted about T Bone Burnett’s concern about the quality of recorded music such as the MP3. What do you think about the quality of recorded music? Do you care more about convenience or about better quality? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

“To someone starting out at as an artist today, his advice would be “stay completely away from the Internet.” (Read on and watch the video)

OK Go Goes 3D - An Economic History of OK Go Videos

David D posts another interesting article about the history of OK Go videos and their unreleased 3D video, White Knuckles. The band’s infectious videos have garnered attention from fans and firms. State Farm helped sponsor the band’s video, This Too Shall Pass, which featured a giant, complex chain reaction. Fans can look forward to the band’s White Knuckles video in 3D and promotion with Samsung for the NX100 camera.

“Thanks to their track record in delivering good music with creative and compelling videos, they are approached by firms that want to rub off some of that OK Go magic.” (Read On)

Natalie Cheng is the intern at Music Think Tank.

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