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Orchestrated Success: 4 Required Personnel Every Big Band Needs When On Tour

Touring is one of the most exciting parts of being in a big band. Going on a tour is a complex undertaking, but the process can be simplified by bringing the right experts. Keep these four types of professionals in mind when planning who to bring along on your next big tour.

Lighting Specialists

Having your own lighting specialists while on tour helps to ensure that the visual effects of your performance go off without a hitch. Lighting specialists are able to set up the lighting rigs and test them. They also program the lights, replace bulbs and check to ensure that the wiring is safe and up to code. These specialists can also work the hologram and fireworks displays of a performance.

Licensed Truck Drivers

It is important to arrange for truck licensing for truck drivers who transport your band’s gear while on tour. Licensing for truck drivers helps to ensure that your band’s gear and instruments will arrive at your next perform location safely and on time. Licensing for truck drivers helps the drivers to be efficient with the transportation of your equipment. Some companies, like Makene’s Driving School, know that the licensing process involves learning how to maintain and drive a truck. Drivers also learn about state laws specific to truck drivers.

Electronics Experts

A big performance on stage often means a lot of electronics. From the amps and sound system to the computers that control the automated light displays, a lot of electronic equipment is needed for a show. Having an electronics expert on your tour helps to ensure that these systems operate as desired. The experts can also make sure that everything is wired safely so there are no short circuits or electrical overloads.

Private Physician

Touring can take its toll on the body. It may help to have a private physician along on the tour. The doctor could monitor the band and technical team for problems such as exhaustion and heat stroke. If a band member or assistant is injured or becomes ill, the physician will be able to quickly identify the problem and make a prompt diagnosis so that a thorough treatment can begin.

With these personnel on your tour, your performances and travels will go as smoothly as possible. Having your own staff of licensed truck drivers, electronics experts and doctors reduces wait times, makes your performances more efficient and could even lower the costs of touring. These professionals could even help your performances to attract a growing number of fans.

Orchestrated Success: 4 Required Personnel Every Big Band Needs When On Tour

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