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Please contribute to HypeBot's Success List...

Bruce Houghton just started an ongoing list of artists that are achieving real success outside of the major label system.  Contributing to this list helps everyone to understand what’s possible in this industry.

I want to add a few criteria (if I can?) for putting artists on this list..

- If previously signed to a major label (or an affiliate of a major) that previously obtained radio play for the artist, please disclose this.

- Success to me = each band member (or the artist) is consistently generating over $50,000 USD a year after all expenses are paid (including health insurance).  You can live on less, but if you are going to dedicate your youth to music, I would target $50K (at the very least) as a measure of financial ‘success’.

Please contribute to the list.

Reader Comments (1)

Thanks Andrew. I agree with your two criteria 100%.

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