Seven Ways to Get a Little Bit Closer to Your Fans
February 26, 2014
James Hill in Advice from the Experts, Branding, Marketing Strategies, Music as a Business, Networking, networking
This isn’t new information: People will like you if you make them feel special. INTIMACY, therefore, is one of the key ingredients in creating loyal followers and Superfans. How do you do this if you can’t give each one a gift or a hug? There are so many ways to get closer to your fans.
Here are some of the best ways to establish that warm connection:
The usual blogs of musicians are mostly informative. They simply talk about their gigs and about their latest album. That’s okay since that’s necessary but blogging about those stuff alone won’t help you build any connection to your followers.  You have to share a bit of yourself to your followers even (especially!) the most shallow details of your everyday life.  Check out Amanda Palmer’s blog. The girl is an expert on this.
You will get more loyal followers by playing in smaller venues like art shows, bookstores, and bars than in big concerts where there are lots of bands competing for attention. If you can play in the living room for a bunch of loyal supporters, do that!
The internet and social media have provided artists a more creative venue for collaboration. The digital cameras and apps make it easier for fans to create and share content. Crowdsourcing will not only help you get things done fast and good, it will also make your followers feel good simply because helping feels good. Plus, they’ll be rooting for you even more once they’ve invested their time, talents, or money in you.
There are so many affordable band merch (less than a dollar) that you can give your supporters when they approach you. A little something goes a long way. 
Not only will this help sell your merch, you will also establish an intimate connection to your fans. While you’re there signing autographs, let them write down their e-mail addresses for so you can update them on your next gigs. 
Do not just post updates about your band on your social media, send them personal messages or e-mails, too! Personal messages are more…uhm, personal thus they will really feel like they matter to you. Send special videos during holidays if you can! You get the drift.
Have a video conference with them. Let them ask questions through chat or Twitter and answer them one by one. Not as good as meeting them one-on-one but better than nothing.
James Hill is the CEO and owner of Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD/merch company based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s a former consultant at Buzzafide and the VP of Live Unsigned. For more music branding and marketing related tips, visit Unified Manufacturing’s blog.
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