Simple And Fast Invoice Generator For Bands And Musicians
August 16, 2017
Adam Mezzatesta in Business, DIY, app, invoice

As a working musician, boring ol’ admin can most definitely be thought of as a job for tomorrow. However, having worked as a band leader for many years, I quickly found that creating professional quotes, contracts and invoices was a must if you want to appeal to high-end clients with increasingly higher expectations (and budgets).

After spending the best part of 10 years manually writing out invoices on Word, it was a relief when we finally built some simple software that could save a lot of the tedious work.

Invoice Generator App

At Bands For Hire we’ve been using invoicing software in the backend of our system for some time now, and so to make things easier for our artists we thought we’d create a simple to use version on our blog that everybody could use whenever they wanted. No login required, just fill in your details and click ‘Download PDF’ (and share if you want to!).

Save your details for next time

Once you’ve filled in the form you’ll probably want to save your details for next time. Simply click the blue button at the bottom and bookmark the URL that appears. You can save any details you want to.

Works in British Pounds, Dollars or Euros

The invoice generator works in British pounds, Dollars or Euros but the text is only in English. Please also note that it’s not suitable for musicians charging VAT.

Check it out…

Visit the blog and give it a go at

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