Snazzy Fashion Ideas To Make Your Next Gig Memorable
June 23, 2016
Rachelle Wilber in Live Music

Being in a band is obviously largely about the fun of making music, but there is a visual element to it as well. Someone who aspires to perform in front of other people cannot discount the importance of creating an arresting image. Here are some quick ways to start cultivating a unique stage style.

Establish a Color Palette

Encourage your band mates to all wear the same color or pattern. They do not have to all match you exactly, but a little bit of planning goes a long way toward making a new band appear polished and professional. It is worth trying to coordinate if only to ensure that no one clashes too badly. You don’t want one member to draw focus away from the others during the performance or in any pictures that are taken. If you happen upon a color scheme that all of the band members enjoy, consider adopting it as your official uniform. This will make things easier for future performances, especially if you go on tour and can’t take a lot of clothes with you.

Make Uniforms

Some bands like to create clothing expressly for their performances. It solves the problem of not being able to find exactly what you want to wear onstage when you decide to make it yourself. If you and your band mates wear screen-printed t-shirts with your band’s name on them, your band’s name will then appear in every single picture and video from the gig.  Some companies, like Absolute Screen Printing, know that having a photogenic t-shirt makes all the difference.  After all, you do want your band to stand out.

Purposeful Minimalism

It is deceptively hard to master an artfully minimalist look. Minimalism isn’t just about wearing nondescript or androgynous clothing. The goal is to draw focus due to a stark absence of embellishment. This means that you have to choose pieces that fit perfectly and create a striking silhouette on stage. You want to look like you don’t care at all about how you look while impressing people with how effortlessly chic you look.

Go Formal

Music is inherently theatrical. Some musicians enjoy leaning into this theatricality by wearing clothing that they don’t otherwise get to wear very often. You might decide to wear suits and fancy gowns, or you could dress up in an elaborate vintage theme. Treat your clothing like a costume and your musical persona as a character. This is an easy way for a new band to explore its identity and carve out its own place in a local scene.

The clothing you wear onstage is a reflection of the music you make. Select outfits that express your vision to make your performances memorable.

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