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Jason K Ventura’s Music Industry Predictions For 2016

  • The streaming business model will change across the board. The new models will have fairground for artists and labels alike.
  • Due to royalty rates and a rebellion of artists, streaming services will be forced to put limitations on music catalogs.
  • With prices at an all time low and stagnant music sales, touring will continue to be a cash cow for the music industry. Yet again, touring will be the bread winner this year.
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    101 Things To Do In 2016 To Improve Your Music Career

    You could call these New Year’s Resolutions if you wanted to, but then you’d stop doing them after two weeks, along with the diet and exercise resolutions already on the list. Think that through.

    Assuming that you are really intent on doing something meaningful about your music career this year, you could implement these somewhat random and relatively straightforward but not necessarily simple tasks. OR you could just keep on doing things the way you’ve been doing them. But you need to stop and ask yourself at this juncture: How’s that working out?

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