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Preparing For The First (Or Any) Guitar Performance 

In order to look professional and avoid creating an image of a silly musical rookie, it is within the interest of any guitarist to create and follow a certain effective pre-show routine. A specific “code”, that will protect her from potential failures and furthermore – help her to stand out among other acts in a better way.

Since it is not 1931 (the year when the first electric guitar was created), this guide will examine the preparation for both unplugged shows and the ones that involves cables and amplifiers. But whichever guitar you have - always have an extra pack of strings. A pack of spare strings should always be in your guitar case, as a medical kit in the bag of a soldier. 

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How To Get Over String Breaking Phobia Once And For All

A baby lion is not afraid of running alone in the vastness of savanna. The same behavior can be typical for a guitarist, who has only begun a long journey into the diverse world of music. One of the points that he discovers very soon, is that many people - including skilled musicians who use the same instrument-, tend to overreact over little things. And often times it leads to the constant discomfort from even such a regular process as pulling the strings. A human brain is capable of getting rid of many psychological obstacles. And a string breaking phobia is not an exception.

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The Digital vs. Acoustic Piano Showdown 

Not unlike everything else around us, the world of piano has been shifting away from analog to digital. The ease and convenience of digital pianos has shifted the market from the expensive, heavy, loud acoustic piano, to the lightweight, inexpensive, volume controlled digital piano. 

Are they all they’re cracked up to be? Or is there still room for the “oldfashioned” analog piano? 
Let’s find out! 

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