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How Music Therapy Can Help In Addiction Recovery?

Music can be a tranquil, relaxing, and very beneficial thing. There are so many different types of music out there and every individual has their own preferred type of music. While it can help just about anyone, music can be truly beneficial for those who are in recovery from an addiction.

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How To Not (Or, How To) End Up In The 27 Club 

It was very romantic. In March of 1971, infamously hard-drinking and hard-drugging frontman for The Doors, Jim Morrison, went to live with his girlfriend in her Paris apartment. He took long walks by himself in the most romantic city on Earth. He surveyed the haunts that Arthur Rimbaud, his poetic idol, had frequented, and went to see the poet’s grave. He gazed out at the Seine and thought about what it would be like to be no one. But then, three months after his arrival in the city, his girlfriend found him dead in the bathtub. She said it was a heroin overdose. The official cause of death was apparently heart failure.

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Musicians And Drug Abuse

The most common explanation of drug addiction is, that if you take too long a certain amount of a drug, you will become an addict. It’s the substance that makes you addicted. This is the theory that the US war on drugs is based on.

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