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The Best Ways A Local Band Can Seem More Professional (On The Cheap)

If you’re in a local band, you know how hard it can be to get people to care about your band. You pound the pavement putting up flyers. You send event invites to all of your Facebook friends and spam them with Soundcloud links. You tell all of your coworkers that you’re in a band. 

And after all of this, you might get a few people to actually check out your page or go to a show. And if your band looks amateurish or sloppy, there’s a good chance that they’ll go right back to ignoring you.

It’s not necessarily your fault. Most people are used to their music being highly produced. Local music can be a little rough around the edges for their tastes.

But there are ways you can make your band seem more professional—even without a big studio budget behind you.

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15 Ways Your Band Can Stand Out By Going The Extra Mile

They say “The Extra Mile Isn’t Crowded”, but why is that? And what’s the “extra mile” mean for you? What are some extras you’re willing to provide that other bands or musicians may take for granted? 

Here are some ways you and your band might be able to stand out at club gigs and private gigs.

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How To Release Music As An Independent Artist (Infographic)

I was asked to do a presentation for Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO on How To Release Music As An Independent Artist. It’s mostly from an EDM/Rap perspective, but I figured it would be beneficial for everyone to learn from. Some of the details are missing since I explained it to them in person, so if you have any questions or anything here needs to be corrected, please post them, and I’ll be sure to reply to all of them so we can disuss further.

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