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6 Tips For Musicians Marketing Themselves For The First Time

One of the hardest things about the music business is marketing yourself. Bigger artists are able to hire professionals, but what about the myriad other skilled yet overlooked musicians out there?

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5 Essential Tips For Musicians On Handling Criticism

If you aim to become a famous musician, you want a careers booster, but you’re certainly going to face criticism whether you like it or not. Even if you aim towards the alternative scene and you don’t necessarily want huge success, you’re still going to face the critics.

Each and every artist has haters. The more popular you get, the more haters you’ll have and the louder they will get.  

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3 Keys To Breaking Into The Industry As A Broadway Musician

 Fairbanks violinist Caitlin Warbelow wanted to grow up to be a scientist. Instead, she’s performing on Broadway in Tony-nominated “Come From Away,” a true story about the September 11 attacks. Warbelow earned degrees in violin performance, anthropology, cartography and urban planning before stumbling into success, which she says came to her unexpectedly. She was trying to make it as a musician in New York City when the opportunity came her way.

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Metadata Schemetadata? Here's Why You Should Care 

Metadata. Google defines metadata as:  a set of data that describes and
gives information about other data.  So how does this apply to music?  
Well, imagine you have burned this wonderful CD of music that you are
going to hand to music professionals at a music conference.
 The music is your latest and greatest.  You meet some professionals,
publishers& music supervisors and give them your CD.
 They go back to their office, put the CD into their computer and then they see:


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Legal Basics For Artists, Authors, Creators, And Musicians

Four Essentials:

1) Copyright Protection

Under US copyright law, copyright (literally, the right to make and sell copies) automatically vests in the creator the moment the expression of an idea is “fixed in a tangible medium” (in other words, the moment you write it down, type it or record it on tape). With respect to music specifically, there are really two copyrights: a copyright in the musical composition owned by the songwriter and a sound recording copyright in the sound of the recording owned by the recording artist (but usually transferred to the record company when a record deal is signed). It is important to remember that you own the copyright in your work the moment you write it down or record it, and you can only transfer those rights by signing a written agreement to transfer them. Therefore, you must be wary of any agreement you are asked to sign. 

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3 Tips For Expanding Your Career Beyond Music

Limiting your options to being only a musician is like saying you’re only going to try one instrument. The journey is the destination, and most successful musicians ended up where they are not because of their musical abilities but because of their abilities to venture into other areas of business.

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4 P's That Make It Difficult For Musicians To Deal With Fame

Fame – that’s what most musicians dream about. In the music business we still live with the myth that once you are famous, all problems are solved. NOT! You will encounter a whole lot of new problems. Many musicians struggle with fame and with being famous. They suffer so much that some of them die far too young, like Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse.

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