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Streaming Service Pays Per Stream

The ways in which music streaming royalties are paid can be confusing even to industry insiders, and formulas vary from company to company. I thought that this graph could help anyone looking into understanding just how many streams it would take for a song to become profitable in the streaming industry.

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Get Better Playlists, Easier 

Recent research shows how popular playlist listening has become to modern music fans; outpacing the album for the first time ever. And with the proliferation of digital music platforms, it’s easier than ever to compose your own playlists. 

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Ian Rogers Beats It

The news of Ian Rogers’ departure from Beats 1 flooded the Internet on Friday August 28, 2015. After Financial Times broke the news of Rogers parting from Apple. This came as a surprise to many music industry insiders. Rogers has been said to be detrimental to the development and the future success of Beats 1.

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Artists Have Had Enough: Music Needs Valuation

Apple’s statement that they would not be paying artists and the consequent backlash from performers like Taylor Swift has been generating a great deal of commentary regarding revenue from music streaming services in general. This article examines some of the issues relating to streaming, piracy, and the difficulties associated with profiting from recorded music in the digital age.

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