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8 Inner Game Tips For Modern Artist Development

Along my journey into the souls optimal development and unfoldment I’ve come to realize how important your inner game is.
The difference between a good inner game and bad one are the difference between getting and nailing that next opportunity-or not. 
Having a good inner game is mission critical to the true success and freedom that you desire and deserve for your music career.

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101 Things To Do In 2016 To Improve Your Music Career

You could call these New Year’s Resolutions if you wanted to, but then you’d stop doing them after two weeks, along with the diet and exercise resolutions already on the list. Think that through.

Assuming that you are really intent on doing something meaningful about your music career this year, you could implement these somewhat random and relatively straightforward but not necessarily simple tasks. OR you could just keep on doing things the way you’ve been doing them. But you need to stop and ask yourself at this juncture: How’s that working out?

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Five Common Hurdles Novice Songwriters Face And How To Overcome Them

Whether it’s a chorus that sticks in your head for days, an infectious hook, a toe-tapping beat, or an ambient synth that somehow both warms and chills you at the same time – there are certain musical moments that make you stop in your tracks and wonder: How did they write that? As music fans, we’ve all been there. It’s easy to forget that these moments all started out the same: as ideas.

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