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Creating A Band Website: A Complete Checklist

This post by Melanie Kealey originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

Is your band or solo career getting to the point that you want to book more shows? You might need an EPK that’s easy for press to grab information from. Or maybe you just want a space on the web to call your own?

Let’s be honest, your specialty is writing music and performing it, not building a website. You sit down, ready to begin, then feel completely lost about where to start.

Does the idea of creating a band website make your eyes glaze over? We’ve made a handy checklist to help you through it. So let’s get started!

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Things To Consider When Creating Your Band's Website

These days, it’s impossible to get by as a musician without a great web presence. Of course, one of the most effective ways to manage this will be with your own website where you can quickly send anyone who’s interested in learning more about you, finding merch, streaming your music, or booking you for your next gig. Sure, you can probably get by with a Facebook profile and a Bandcamp page, but an attractive website hosted on a domain that you own will make you appear more professional than most other new bands in your area. 

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