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How To Create A Dynamic Website That Will Appeal To Your Fans (& Attract New Ones)

The heart of a musician is to make music.

From jazz to pop, punk to metal, and everything in between, a true musician is focused on their craft as often as possible. 

However, the pressures of surviving as a musician is difficult. Monetizing a passion can be frustrating and distract from the creative mindset that we’re always trying to maintain. That’s where having a good website can be critical to help with promotion while saving time for what really matters.

A website gives the world access to our music in ways that couldn’t be dreamed of a few decades ago. Anyone with a few hundred bucks (or even less) can pull together a site fit for a king, but just because you can build a site easily doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be a good one.

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Complete SEO Checklist For Musicians

This post was written by Wes Walls and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.

It’s not easy figuring out how to start optimizing your band’s presence in search engines. So we took all of our SEO advice and broke it down into one handy checklist.

For details on how to do each of the things on the list, you can refer to our “Complete Guide to SEO for Musicians“ eBook.

Without further ado, here’s your checklist for optimizing your band for SEO:

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How To Optimize Your Band Schema For SEO

This post was written by Wes Walls and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

Schema is one of those things that, as a musician, you might have heard about but probably don’t want to have to learn. It’s pretty technical and easy to get wrong.

So we’ll try to simplify it for you in this post, and give you some easy shortcuts.

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The 3 Audiences Your Band Website Needs To Impress

This post was written by Allison Sharpe and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

As a band or musician, your website is one of the most important tools you have. It sets you apart from all the rest and gives you your own little slice of the internet to show off your music.

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The New Artist Model Approach To Musician Websites

Your website is arguably the most important piece of your online presence - it’s the glue that holds everything together. But it can be so much more than just the place you sell your music.

Your website can be a powerful funnel that drives your fans towards more engagement and helps them up the ladder towards superfans. It’s the place where you can convert people from casual fans to paying customers. And it’s the place where you can start more direct conversations with your fans as you grow your email list.

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9 Reasonable Guidelines To Think About Before Promoting Your Music Through Websites

There are so many websites for musicians. Sometimes they look similar with each other. With so many choices, people are getting puzzled of so many music sites to look at. Of course websites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp are great, but what so many young talented musicians missed is why they should sign up for that kind of sites. *It’s not just because other people do it, then you should do it too. We know that music websites is only a tool for musicians.* But musicians are not tools. Every musician should think about how they will promote their music, what is their artwork gonna be and other things apart from the music itself.

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The Internet Killed The Record Deal: Launch Your Album On Your Own

Saying you need a record deal to launch an album these days is like saying you need a desktop computer to visit the Internet. Twenty years ago people would not have believed that you could have every song in the world in the palm of your hand or on your television, but here we are. Now it just takes a mic, a bathtub, a computer and few clicks to launch your record and make it accessible to people all over the world. But it’s also just as easy for your music to get lost in the shuffle and disappear into obscurity. The following tips are your best shot at making it in this ever-evolving music game and getting the airwaves bumping with your heartbeat.

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7 Basic Design Principles To Clean Up Your Band's Website Without Coding

This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog

About once a month, a friend approaches me with the same question: “Will you help me with my website? I keep tinkering with it, but nothing I do looks good enough.” As a web designer by day, it breaks my heart when I hear that my friends are struggling with indie budgets and WISYWIG editors, trying to fit everything they possibly can into the predefined templates of create-your-own-website services.

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Call To Action: DotMusic Looks To Fairly Administer The .music Domain With Safeguards

We are about to enter into the world of the .music realm, as the domain will soon be available for registration for the first time.  In other words, www.[yourname].music will soon become a possibility.  Constantine Roussos, the leader of DotMusic, is leading this charge. DotMusic wants to be the neutral administrator of the distribution of these domains.  DotMusic’s goal: to clean up the online music community by allowing music artists, music professionals and music companies to claim the domains that are rightfully theirs.

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